You’re Not Depressed, You’re Distracted

You are not depressed, you are distracted

Author Facundo Cabral wrote what you might call ‘a story about life’, about everything that eludes us, about all the innocence we lost when we were first crushed by difficult experiences. This story is called You’re not depressed, you’re distracted ( You’re Not Depressed, You’re Distracted ).

He tells us about hope, struggles, resuming pain and how to be responsible but not too serious in life because it starts to twist everything. He talks about how to surround ourselves with the right people and how to give meaning to our lives through love and contemplation. And he talks about how nothing really matters as long as you liveā€¦

Sometimes we think we are sad or unhappy about something because we lost something that we thought was the driving force behind our lives. We think we have nothing left to fight for. We feel depressed, but we don’t appreciate everything we have around us.


We feel depressed when we don’t see what we all have

Throughout the story, he tells us that what we think is depression is sometimes just a distraction from the world. He says this from an artistic and poetic perspective, because this is the perspective he has, but also because it is logical and reasonable from a psychological point of view.

Sometimes we get hurt so bad that we feel insecure. We experience an existential emptiness and struggle, hurt by the past, and we begin to avoid certain really wonderful situations. We put off that walk with our friends, that meeting with new people and that fight for a new job and little by little we get depressed.

We get distracted by negative things

Our thoughts or cognitive schemas cause us to judge the world negatively. Moreover, we do nothing to reinforce positive things. We become accustomed to darkness, to monotonous but pleasant suffering, and we believe that there is no other way of existence. You watch television and think the world doesn’t care about you because that’s how the real world works, because it’s been so long since you actually went out to see the real world.

That’s why you’re not really depressed, you’re just distracted by negative things that keep you from seeing the beauty of the world. Distracted by people who have no passion for anything, distracted by value judgments, thoughts, memories, a broken heart.

Don’t get distracted by the things that blind you


Suffering is a waste of time. Because even though you cannot avoid feeling pain throughout your life, such as the cutting pain you feel in your soul when you lose a loved one,  long-term suffering is something that you can either accept or reject.

You can choose to stop being distracted by negativity as it occupies your life and prevents you from living it to the fullest. It distracts you from caring for yourself and makes you fall into the victim role when bad things happen to you.

You’re not depressed, you simply don’t feel like seeing all that love around you; you are too fixated on ulterior motives and the misfortune of the world. You think too much about guilt, a burden that other people say you should carry, but all it does is keep you from enjoying the world, which keeps spinning, whether you feel the weight or not. You must choose how you wish to live in it.

You are not depressed, you are distracted. But remember that innocence is beneficial because everything is a reflection. Everything is a party and that’s why you can’t carry around with bags full of unnecessary ideas and people.

Now you know why you are distracted and not depressed.

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