Your Strength Is In Your Vulnerability

Your strength is in your vulnerability

I’m vulnerable, I admit it. But who isn’t this? Some things would hurt all of us. Certain aspects of our daily lives affect us more and sometimes make us a little more sensitive.

No one is born with an impenetrable shield around them, a kind of shield that keeps us from spending too much time crying when life takes a big hit. We have no shield to protect us from loneliness when faced with an empty house that was once filled with dancing smiles. Our fears are ours and there is no point in hiding them or hiding them like old marbles in an old bag.

We can all remember that failure that may have changed our lives. That path we couldn’t cross because we were cheated or because we weren’t brave enough. Some people still hide the scars of a difficult childhood or the betrayal of a family member who wasn’t there when they were most needed. Who hasn’t been vulnerable at certain times in their life?

We have all been vulnerable at one time or another. However, this vulnerability also hides our strength. The kind of strength that gives us relief and the will to climb back into the saddle. To collect our ashes and write a book about our lives with them, full of new lessons, the lessons we learned in the first place through our tears.

My vulnerability, my strength

We live in a society where we learn that the strongest among us are the most capable. Reason is worth more than feeling. The people who are able to hide their emotions in order to achieve their goals are seen as role models. We even raise our own children with the idea that it’s always better to hide your tears, to keep quiet and learn to deal with them instead of expressing what you’re feeling inside.

There are plenty of kids who, as they grow up, look for hidden corners to hide in. People who mature by controlling the many emotions they feel, by showing false strength, false determination; people who watch, accept and remain silent, who pretend that nothing touches them… They are impenetrable.

However, this is all fake. In the long run, it causes a lot of problems when you hide your emotions. We will no longer be able to process things in our complicated inner world, things like fear, anger, rage, insecurity… How can we process these things when we have always been told to pretend that all those things don’t affect us? to have?

Not knowing how to ‘accept’ your vulnerability can have many consequences. The moment we are faced with fear, apprehension or uncertainty, we have only two choices: standing paralyzed without being able to react to the situation or fleeing from the situation. When we don’t accept that we are all fragile inside, we build a shield around us that sooner or later will be broken. It is therefore necessary to accept your own vulnerability. I know some things can hurt me, I accept the nature of these things, understand them and try to overcome them.

Vulnerability and Resilience

Each of us, really each of us, possesses the tremendous ability to overcome adversity. Difficulties, darkness and fear. Resilience is a seed buried in all of us in the depths of our being; we just need to know how to grow this seed when we need it.

Just remember:

  • You don’t have to pretend to be stronger than you actually are. You can’t carry as much burden on your shoulders as you might think. You are not a superhero. We all have our limits and if you are not aware of this then at some point there will come a day when you will fall. Protect yourself, set boundaries and be aware of how far you can go. Feel your vulnerability and protect it.
  • It is possible that you are already very aware of your own vulnerability. Be careful though: being vulnerable is not a permanent state of being. It’s about knowing how to recognize that we can be hurt, that there are things that can hurt us. First you must recognize it, so that later you can strategically ensure that you will always keep moving forward,  that you will always keep your completeness and overcome everything.
  • Sometimes life shows its cruelest side and takes us down the hardest path. Life, as you probably know, usually carries serious consequences. However, if you develop resilience, you will be able to protect your integrity and emerge stronger. It’s not a simple word from a self-help book; it is an absolute reality. A sigh of hope that you must find within yourself and which you must hold on to with all your strength in order to escape from the situation.

You are braver than you think. This may surprise you, but your vulnerability is also your strength.

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