You Don’t Know How Strong You Are

You don't know how strong you are

Dear life,

When I say it couldn’t have been worse, that’s just a question, not a challenge. You are good at complicating my existence, you should know that. Anyway, thank you, because your toughness taught me not to surrender. Thanks to you I have been able to show myself how strong I am. I would never have learned so much without adversity. The more it hurts, the more pain I feel and the weaker I feel, the stronger it makes me.

It seems like there are times when everything turns against you. This destroys you and something in you screams out of powerlessness.

Of course it’s hard to pick yourself up when the world falls short, when you feel alone or when you think it couldn’t get any worse. So you begin to comfort yourself through the power of acceptance and change. Your well-being is within and you must depend only on the one love that offers no resistance: love for yourself. You know there’s no point in putting pressure on yourself and you know that life is worth living, both the good things and the bad.

And finally, you honor yourself. Because you know that overcoming is the key to your success, that the power of powerlessness has not broken you. If your mind can do this, you can overcome anything that is set before you.

Join hands

The story of the two frogs, an example of resistance

Once upon a time there were  two frogs who fell into a vat of cream and began to sink.  For a very long time it was very difficult to swim or float in that thick mass, which felt like quicksand.

At first they both mowed around in the cream to get to the rim of the barrel, but all they could do was splash and sink in the same place. It became increasingly difficult to surface and breathe. One of them said, aloud: β€œ I can’t anymore. It’s impossible to get out of this and since I’m going to die anyway, I don’t want to prolong this pain. There is no point in dying exhausted in a futile struggle.”

And having said this, it stopped mowing and quickly sank, literally feeling swallowed by the thick white liquid. The other frog, who was more resistant or perhaps more stubborn, said, β€œIt’s very hard to keep doing this, but I’ll keep trying to see if I can find the right way out of this. I do not give up. I will fight until my last breath, for as long as it is necessary and possible.”

Frogs in Room

And he kept kicking and splashing in the same place, without moving an inch. Hours and hours.

And suddenly, through the much kicking and mowing, mowing and kicking, the cream was turned into butter. The surprised frog jumped and slithered to the rim of the barrel and from there he went all the way home croaking happily.

We must never give up. There is always the possibility that we will float, even if it seems crazy, even if we don’t think it’s possible. In fact, adverse conditions tend to surprise us with their ability to make us look at the situation from different perspectives.

Don’t give up even when the cold burns

Be strong no matter what situation you are going through. Everything will pass, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Nothing bad can last a hundred years. Your life will get better. Don’t get depressed, because you make your days the way you want them to be.

Take advantage of them. Live them. Smile. Overcome your fears. Cry when you need it, let go of what’s holding you back. But never give up, because in this life there is no weight that you cannot bear.

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