You Can Be Your Own Hero

Waiting for someone to come rescue you is a mistake. Because no one will know how to do this better than you. But a little help can be absolutely helpful sometimes. Your best savior is you, because you can be your own hero too.

You don’t have to wear a special suit or fight against enemies with super powers. It is enough that you just pay attention to yourself and take care of yourself when you need it most. Otherwise, one day unease and discomfort may arise and remain forever.

Being your own hero will help you improve your self-esteem. It will also take you further on the road to your dreams. Plus, it shows the rest of the world that you have the ability to do anything you want. Your happiness depends on you and absolutely on your heroism.

The importance of making decisions

A hero is defined by his bravery, his ability to act and to create happiness and well-being in some ways. How does a hero do this? By making decisions and choosing what to do and where to go. So if you want to become your own hero, your decisions will be very important.

Your own hero

The problem is that you’re constantly making decisions but you don’t notice. Your routine is full of decisions, from the clothes you wear to what you will eat or how you will spend your day. The best decisions are linked to our attitude. How do you choose to face the day? Or just, how do you deal with the things that happen?

You often think that you exercise less power over your own life than you actually do. Deciding how you will act and what attitude you will adopt in different situations is therefore fundamental. A hero is aware of his strength and develops that strength. Shall we go to work?

Stop giving the primary role to those inner voices that keep you from moving forward and that keep you stuck in your comfort zone. On the contrary, choose to save yourself from that “negative comfort.”

The hero and the villains

But a hero is not only defined by his heroism. He also wages a constant battle against enemies. His goal is to save the world. If you want to become your own hero, you will also have to learn how to fight against your own enemies.

Who are your enemies? That is all and everyone that traps you with discomfort and unease. It’s everything and everyone that makes you smaller. These include fear, mistrust, conflict, and toxicity. But who is your enemy most of all, that is you. Whenever you treat yourself badly or don’t think about yourself, you forget all the potential you have.

Do I have to fight myself then? New. Unlike the heroes in movies, series, and books, you have to transform anything that harms you into something that creates well-being. Or at least something you can always learn from. Your struggle is not a fight. But it is a quest for insight and awareness. The goal is to turn the tide of your circumstances and start taking care of yourself.  That’s the key.

Your own hero

How can you become your own hero?

We’ve already seen some tasks that are great for allowing you to become your own hero. You must be aware of your decisions and encourage a comprehensive attitude to gain consciousness and transform it into a useful ally. But what else can you do?

It is important that you start by analyzing what and who controls your life. Is it your boss, your family, your job, or social regulations? When have you given everything and everyone this  “permission”  to do whatever they want with you?

We don’t mean that everyone around you is suddenly your enemy. On the contrary, what we are saying is that these people can sometimes become obstacles in your way to grow. Even if they have the best intentions, this can still happen. It is therefore important that you pay attention to your surroundings. Because you must not allow them to influence you in a negative way.

Your own hero

The key to becoming your own hero is not found outside of yourself. We find it within, within ourselves. It is the ability to make yourself visible in your own eyes and give yourself the importance you deserve. This way you will provide yourself with better support. For there is only one person who will accompany you forever, in good and bad days. And that person is you. Why waste time being your own critic and your worst enemy?

Take care of yourself, love yourself and understand yourself. True heroes are not those who are constantly fighting monsters or flying through the clouds. Heroes are people who can save themselves every day, with the intention of living a fulfilling life and making their loved ones happy.

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