Why It Is Important To Have A Life Purpose

Being genuinely enthusiastic about life may seem somewhat poetic, but it is one of the basic requirements for living a meaningful life. So your life project should motivate you.
Why it is important to have a purpose in life

Is a life purpose important? A common interpretation of happiness is that it has to do with things like ‘positive emotions’ and ‘optimism’. Most people think that their happiness depends on how much fun there is in their life and at the same time how few negative emotions there are.

However, this is only one of the possible interpretations of this concept. So it doesn’t work equally well for everyone. We believe that in  order to stay happy, you need to look beyond these assumptions and find a life purpose that suits you.

The concept of well-being has more to do with living a meaningful life than a pleasant one. By ‘a meaningful life’ we mean that your life not only has meaning, but also a purpose.

For most of us, our contemporary society offers a life plan for happiness that is strongly linked to consumption. That is, the more you have, the happier you will be.

Excited about life

Enthusiasm about life may seem like a good theme for a poem, but it is actually the basis for a meaningful life. To achieve this, you must feel fulfilled as a human being and wake up every morning with the desire to face the day ahead full of energy.

David Perkins, an expert in education and artificial intelligence, often referred to the condition that condemns humans to go through life on autopilot. People need to discover the reason behind their existence, which goes beyond simply ‘to exist’.

Happy woman with life purpose

A life purpose

In fact, everyone has a life purpose. However, not every life purpose constitutes a life project. People set goals based on the environment in which they live. Your life purpose is based on your past experiences, acquired knowledge, your expectations and your beliefs. All these elements come together to form your goal.

Lilian R. Daset, professor of psychology at the Catholic University of Uruguay, likens this situation to a book with missing pages or incomplete chapters.

However, it does not matter whether it is complete or not, this plan will become the axis of our lives. Because of this, many people eventually become loose leaves that are at the mercy of the wind.

Creating a meaningful life purpose

Finding out why you live and what the elements are that renew or refresh your motivation for life are the first steps to creating a meaningful life purpose. You need to see if your values ​​and principles make you feel good. You must also determine whether your actions correspond to these values ​​and principles or not.

Discovering your life purpose also goes hand in hand with identifying the passions that motivate you. It’s important to do things that make you feel complete. This way you can find out what is important to you as an individual.

A life project is a road map

When you create a meaningful life project, you reconstruct your own identity. This also means making important decisions and dedicating yourself to your own personal development.

Determining your own destiny and reaching your maximum potential as a person are the basic goals that shape every life project.

In addition, it is important to understand your own personal history, your experiences and the knowledge that you have gathered and that have made you the person you are today. This will also help you better understand your current situation and prepare for your future.

Man thinks about his life

You must also learn to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Analyze your social environment and determine what opportunities it can offer you. Doing these things will give you a better idea of ​​which aspects you could improve on. It will also give you an idea of ​​which aspects of your life deserve the most effort.

At the same time, understanding your personal life purpose is essential to create a life project that incorporates both your challenges and your strengths.

In addition, it is important to coordinate your thoughts, feelings and behavior as well as possible. However, don’t get discouraged if these things don’t match up.

Having a life project can be hugely helpful. It helps you distinguish between what is really important in your life and the things you do not necessarily need.  

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