Who Really Loves You Will Make You Happy

Who really loves you will make you happy

“Whoever really loves you will make you cry.” This is a very popular Spanish expression, but is it really true? While popular sayings are usually right, in this case we really need to question this commonly used expression.

Instead, we should live by the belief, “Who really loves you will make you happy.” After all, why should we bring sorrow and tears to the person we love?

It is often said that love is the most irrational feeling there is: it is passion, madness and obsession… And as such, suffering is an inevitable part of this emotion that is so human and so blinding.

We should never love blindly, we should never start a relationship if we are blindfolded ourselves or if we are not in control of our self-esteem.

You have to build a conscious, mature and responsible form of love. And it’s important to never forget that someone who loves you won’t hurt you. Whoever loves you with integrity and respect will strive to make you happy at all times.

A love that builds itself every day makes us happy


See love as a little flame that finds you…  that finds you. It is a fire that enlightens and reassures us, but which must be fanned every day to keep it burning, to envelop us even more intensely and more perfectly with its light, with its warmth, to make us even happier.

Love must exist between two mature and complete people, who do not let a relationship rest on sacrifices, but rather on sincere acts that strengthen the bond, who put the ego aside for the sake of the couple.

If we accept that love means that we have to suffer, then from the start we will be much more tolerant of certain things: withdrawal, limits, manipulation and selfishness.

We can worry about the other person and in certain circumstances suffer for his well-being. However, this form of suffering has nothing to do with the control, manipulation and jealousy that we think “belongs” to true love. Whoever says he loves you today and leaves you tomorrow and then comes back to you after a few days doesn’t love you. He hurts you.

Love should not be characterized by excuses, reproaches or painful irony. None of this makes us happy and none of this comes from a heart that acts with respect, that knows what true, mature and responsible love is.

To love is to be overjoyed that the other exists. To love is to feel joy deep inside and to want to make the other person happy every day.


I object to suffering in love

We know that there are many who have chosen to close the doors to love because they are tired of suffering. Because their hearts are wounded by disappointment, are littered with traces of disillusionment and voids of disillusionment.

To love consciously and safely, we must first learn to love ourselves. And while dignified solitude is still worth more than a company full of shortcomings, a new and sincere “I love you” will truly heal yesterday’s disappointments.

We all carry sorrows from the past with us. However, love is an adventure that will always be worthwhile, at any time in our lives. To truly love, we must keep the following in mind:

  • We need to know that sometimes love isn’t forever. Therefore, we must be careful not to give everything away without getting something in return; working on our personal growth; don’t put our work, our dreams and our friends aside… You shouldn’t leave behind that which defines you or allow yourself to lose everything.
  • Love without being dependent: be dependent on yourself, but keep working on love to perfection, keep encouraging every gesture and word of love. Create love, but keep your self-esteem, your identity…
  • Present yourself with freedom and integrity, without fear, without yesterday’s rancor, without insecurities for others to resolve for you. Be brave, show courage and go for what you want. And what you want is to be happy.
  • Don’t look for perfect love or an ideal relationship. This does not exist. A relationship must be worked on every day, to match your corners to my emptiness, your rough edges to my softness, my shadows to your light…
  • True love involves growing together in difficult times. It is wanting and understanding, it is surviving as friends, enjoying passion and building complicity, without counterfeits or falsehoods.

Whoever loves you will not hurt you and is not happy with your tears, because someone who really loves you will make you happy.

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