What Will You Give The World?

What will you give the world?

What will you give the world to make it a better place? What are your goals or dreams? How can you improve everything around you? What makes you unique and what do you want to give to others?

The world doesn’t always need complicated gifts. Sometimes the best or all we can give is small details. The truth is that you don’t need much more to make a meaningful change. A series of tiny steps or many tiny grains of sand can trigger large seemingly insurmountable projects.

If each of us makes an effort to discover what we have to offer, it will create an endless ripple effect. Because we can multiply our positive influence on the world. We can grow the resources of others and our own. You don’t even have to travel far or invest huge amounts of money. Plus, no gigantic projects are needed. Sometimes all you have to do is give someone a hug or help. Being there and listening to someone is already an important way to help.

We can all help because we all have something to offer the world. You just have to stop and think for a moment. What can I do to make the world a better place than how I found it? What will you give the world? We all have some responsibility and can take action. Because we have the freedom to decide what we can do to make our environment better in some way.

Small steps in a long journey

We don’t like it when things are too easy. For what has the greatest influence on our appreciation of an achievement is the effort we put into it. There is something of us in that effort. And that gives us a sense of pride.

Footsteps on the beach

But if we don’t know where to start, it’s better that we focus on small goals. Think about the little things that motivate you and give you more ideas. When you satisfy your needs, you discover new ideas. Focus on a goal and work towards it. Think about what you can do every day to reach your goal. When you finally reach this goal, you can look back and see the value of what you’ve done. This gives meaning to your life.

Maybe I want world peace. Or I would like the whole world to know my work. Maybe I want to help anyone in need. But those are goals for the . Moreover, these goals are so enormous that my motivation disappears just thinking about them. I have to start at the local level. I will help the people close to me and plant seeds. Little by little, my work will then have a greater influence.

Because every step counts. Each step builds to something bigger. Whenever you make an effort and dream, you grow and the people around you grow. Your happiness is contagious. What will you give the world? Just be happy. Don’t stand by doing nothing. Discover your talents and find your potential. Do it with a smile and give the best of yourself. The world is waiting to see what you can offer.

What is my purpose in this world?

We’re talking about your everyday goals here. So it’s not about the New Year’s resolutions or the promises we make on a birthday. Because we forget them too quickly. What we mean here are the qualities that make us feel good and have something to offer other people.

Maybe your goal is to make people laugh, or dance, or tell stories. Listen, help, teach, cook, play music… When we give something we are good at, it is a valuable gift to the world. So I ask you, what is your goal right now, today, tomorrow or this week?

What will you give the world?

Woman in a meadow

The world needs people like you. They are people who want to give the best they have to offer. We need people who see a bright spot in the midst of a storm. They want to spread love and make other people happy. The world needs people who enrich those around them. Those people want to give something back and are grateful for everything they receive. The world needs you. What are you waiting for? What will you give the world? Give the world the best of yourself!

Trust yourself and look within. Because there is something beautiful there that is ready to come out. It’s something that other people need. Yet this is not the most important. As long as you don’t believe in yourself, it won’t help you at all. Look for it, find it and enjoy it. Then give it to the world. There will always be someone who will thank you for it. And that someone, that’s you.

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