What Happens When He Looks Into Your Eyes

What happens when he looks into your eyes

In this article we will talk about two experiments that will really blow your mind. The purpose of both is similar: to look each other in the eye for a while. The effect produced by focusing all our attention on the other person’s eyes is enormous.

Looking a stranger in the eye

Imagine you are on the subway on your way to work. Bored you look around you. Maybe you’re looking for a familiar face or maybe you’re trying to imagine what the life of each of your travel companions is like. Suddenly your eyes meet that of another passenger. What is your first reaction? You will certainly quickly look the other way or you turn your gaze to the ground out of embarrassment. But what would happen if you both held that look for a few seconds? It would certainly get your attention!

This typical situation was the first step for an experiment called ‘Miradas’ (cans). Twenty people who did not know each other were brought together for this experiment. Then these people were randomly divided into groups and given a simple task: to look each other in the eye for a few minutes while they were being filmed… and to get carried away.

One look was enough to arouse all kinds of feelings in the participants: shared laughter, flushed cheeks, nervous smiles and even raging hearts or sweaty hands. Keeping one’s eyes on the other’s created a series of feelings that no one could express in words.

Happiness, hope and even love radiated from their eyes. Many of them even started kissing each other passionately as a result of the shared look! The experiment was concluded by asking each of the participants to speak about the feelings they experienced during these unusual moments.

Most of them described it as something they never expected. Some talked about love at first sight and others mainly about the level of intimacy they experienced with someone who, up to that point, had been a stranger to them. The bottom line is that it is often enough just to pay attention to the other person in order to find what we are looking for. We simply need to look around us a bit more.

Looking your partner in the eye

Why are movies full of moments when the main characters look each other in the eye for a long time and when everything seems so incredibly magical, but this doesn’t happen at all in real life? Well, because we won’t let it happen!

No matter how long you’ve been with the other person, take some time to think about the last time you really looked at each other without paying attention to anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know the answer right away…

Another experiment, similar to the previous one, sought to prove that looking each other directly in the eye increases the level of intimacy in a relationship. In the study, the people had to look each other in the eye for four minutes without speaking. The experiment was conducted among people who had all kinds of relationships with each other, even among people who were strangers to each other. There were also couples who were engaged, people who had just started dating and even a married couple who had been together for 55 years.

After the experiment, the reactions and statements of each of the participants were analyzed. All participants indicated that they felt more connected to their partners, that love was “reborn” and that they did not understand why they had not looked each other in the eye more often in all this time. Some of the strangers even started dating after the experiment and got married several months later. Here’s the video so you can see for yourself:

How would you feel if you looked your partner in the eye for a few minutes? Without arguing, without thinking about your problems or about money, without anyone or anything bothering you. Maybe you’d realize that those little emotions are where true love resides and you’ll finally find that intimacy everyone talks about so often. Sometimes a simple look is all it takes to experience those purest emotions again.

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