Turn Your Life Around In Just Four Weeks

Turn your life around in just four weeks

None of us want to lead a negative life where they feel blocked and unhappy. However, sometimes our daily routine can leave us unaware of whether or not we’re ‘doing the right thing’.

It has certain consequences to live in such a hasty and mechanical way. One of these consequences is a lack of attention to life itself.

Today I suggest that you take the first step towards a life where the words ‘pleasure’ and ‘quality’ rule your daily existence. The following basic and simple steps will enable you to completely turn your life around for the better in just four weeks.

Week one: work on your habits and your physical health

Get up early, around six in the morning. This allows you to use those extra hours in the morning that you always lack during the day and dedicate yourself to tasks and upcoming obligations before you start your workday.

Eat a light and healthy breakfast. If you really want to make a difference in your life, you will need a lot of energy for this. It’s important to constantly listen to what your body is trying to tell you and set achievable goals to eliminate toxins from your diet. Thus, you will help your body by feeding it with healthy, light and appealing foods.

exercise. This is one of the most highly recommended habits. Exercise gives you a toned body, both in physical shape and in terms of your inner health. This will also give you a healthy mind and be able to balance it. It is said that movement is a sign of life. So to really wake up to life, you have to get your body moving.


Week two: purify your environment

Purify the spaces around you. Remove all things from your immediate environment that are of no use in your daily life. Don’t leave behind things that physically hinder or limit you when you try to go about your daily tasks. It is essential to learn to let go of the past; get rid of the things you no longer need.

This is also the point where it would be wise to troubleshoot with people whose company negatively affects you in some way.

Week three: organize your goals and dreams

Organize your plans. Make a list and finish this list. If you already made a list last week that you couldn’t complete, check it again to see what you still need to do. Get started with the things that have to do with your dreams and goals in life.

Complete your plans for each day. At night before bed, make a new plan for the next day. Don’t worry if this plan is super simple or really elaborate. The important thing about this step is that you have a plan and that you become more motivated. Ask yourself the following questions: Am I on the right path to complete this? Do I like the place I take myself with these goals?

Making plans

Week four: expand your comfort zone

Dare to live differently. Take a look at an aspect that is part of your daily routine and ask yourself this question: what could I be doing differently right now? Make it a habit to try or experiment with something new every day of your life. As a result, your daily existence will become more than just an empty routine without motivation.

Step out of your comfort zone. As you practice doing the previous step, you will get more and more out of your comfort zone by the day. Challenge yourself to go even further by facing your fears and conquering one by one.

Rest is essential. This is the Achilles heel of life for many of us. I myself have learned that tranquility and the ability to disconnect from the world every now and then are essential to be able to lead a full life.

I invite you to make these simple habits part of your daily life. Turn your life around and allow yourself to feel fulfilled and at peace. You will reverse your path to the future in just four weeks.

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