Time Brings A Sweet End To Bitter Difficulties

Time brings a sweet end to bitter troubles

When you least expect it, everything will still be okay. Good things come into your life, you recover from the fall, you choose strength and take back control of your own life. Therefore you could also say that time brings a sweet end to bitter difficulties.

After a storm always comes the calm that you are eagerly waiting for when you are still in the middle of the hurricane. Then you understand that it is not important to go fast, but that it is important to arrive on time and to take it easy.

Every event, no matter how negative, has a lesson in store for us that will help us find ourselves again and regain confidence in time.

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Good things always come to the end

He who waits is said to become desperate with waiting, although it is also said that patience is a virtue. And this is exactly how we feel when time gives us a break and guides us to an exit.

Good things always come to those who are patient, who know how to maintain their faith, who do not doze, who know how to enjoy the break they are given and the uncertainty in their desire. This is exactly what being patient is all about: not carrying your hope around like a burden, but letting it walk by your side and gathering reasons to keep going.

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We have to wait the longest for the things that are most valuable

The most beautiful things in the world are hidden behind the need to wait and create the enthusiasm that surrounds hope. This will allow our minds to gather the necessary strength to convince our bodies.

Everything we strive for the most takes on tremendous importance on our list of desires and dreams. A complicated love affair, an unreachable person, a certain position at work… He who waits, but does not despair, will therefore encounter unexpected things. Life rarely says no, even though we think it does. Actually, it rather says the word ‘wait’.

Because of this, we tend to get impatient. We make mistakes and make a mess. Or the thin, red thread of life gets all tangled up. In moments like these, despair is near and everything seems to turn dark.

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Everything passes, everything arrives and everything transforms

Whatever we try to create will meet us no matter what. Therefore, we must not forget that pain is always temporary. In other words,  nothing lasts forever.

So he who resists and persists will win. That is why it is necessary to master speed and to put a stop to our expectations. Remember that when you are in a rush, you will be the one who is unable to achieve his goals.

To prevent this from happening to you, simply get used to the idea of ​​being patient. Here are a few tips to put this into practice:

  1. Deep breathing is a great tool to reflect and give your inner dialogue a break.
  2. Reflect on the reasons that make you impatient. Don’t overdo it, re-prioritize and think about it.
  3. Find out what normally makes you impatient. This can be people, situations or you. Becoming aware of it will help you relax.
  4. Sincerely answer this question: is your patience helpful or, on the contrary, just a hindrance?
  5. Take your time and expect the unexpected. No matter how well you plan everything out, things can still turn out differently. Therefore, you must learn to accept that life will not always turn out the way you want it to. Yet it always gives you the chance to choose for yourself.

Develop your patience. If you wait as long as necessary, you will reach the finish line at exactly the right time. Don’t get ahead of yourself, don’t be hasty. Maintain your hope and confidence in a way that is consistent with the fact that in life everything arrives, everything passes and everything transforms.

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