The Wire Gives Us A Glimpse Of Crime

With The Wire we catch a glimpse of crime

Between 2002 and 2008, HBO released  The Wire  . The series is set in the city of Baltimore in Maryland. David Simon wrote this series. For years he worked as a journalist for the newspaper  The Sun.

The series focuses on the Baltimore slums. There is a lot of drugs and crime there. And that’s not all. Everything else is dangerous too. There are terrible financial and social situations, police actions and internal fights between the gangs that deal in drugs.

In  The Wire  , we get a glimpse of all the different aspects that come into play in this kind of world, from the users to the political milieu at the top.

The world of  The Wire

In the stillness of the morning we hear multiple gunshots and heartbreaking screams. We see heads appear from windows for a moment and then…nothing. Just silence. Everyone just goes on with their morning routine as if nothing happened.

The residents of this Baltimore neighborhood are used to the waves of violence that sweep the streets they walk every day. Drugs are a regular part of every street corner. Young people start working for various gangs of dealers from a very young age. In their environment, drugs are the only outlet they can find.

The world of The Wire

The police

Every day the police are committed to controlling and fighting the organized gangs. However, the series shows the futility of their methods. It depicts the police as a group incapable of evolving or improving through the tools at their fingertips.

They stumble on due to a hierarchical static system. This system is based on the “command structure” where reaching the top is the only goal. Rules stop people from doing their job. This makes the police ineffective. So they often have to deal with an old problem: the element of surprise.

Crime is simply feedback between the police and the perpetrator. The police cannot do anything as long as the perpetrator does not commit a crime. If the police change the rules or try something different, the criminal will only find new ways to commit the crime.

It is a lesson for the viewer. After all, the series tries to show us that it’s almost impossible to anticipate crime or stop it completely. It is the criminals who create the crime. So the police have to act according to how the criminals change and evolve.

Politics and smuggling

On the other hand, there are also rivalries in the series. The struggle for power justifies all means including bribes, embezzlement of government funds, and so on. So there are things that permanently stimulate a vicious circle. This is a recurring theme throughout The Wire series .

The people “at the top” impose restrictions that do not help in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. This is intended to show that powerful people in politics are complicit in crime.

That’s because they profit directly or indirectly from the crime world. The series also reflects on another phenomenon: politicians. The gangs give the politicians a lot of money. So the politicians make sure that the gangs are not touched. Together they form a symbiotic relationship.

In the same way, The Wire also tries  to focus on the people who deliver the drugs and the dealers who take the drugs to their final destination. The Port of Baltimore is the main smuggling port. Union members make demands on politicians, but the politicians don’t care.

This leads the union members to resort to theft and illegal activities. In that way, they try to encourage and motivate the audience to listen to what they have to say.

Politics and smuggling

The school

Education is yet another great institution that promotes drug-related crime. After all, the standardization of courses and lessons leads to truancy.

The schools treat young people as numbers who must achieve the legally required scores in order for the school to remain open. Teachers therefore only ensure that students come to class on the first day so that they can mark them as present.

So the concern lies in the need to keep the lessons stable and balanced. Students often achieve the required scores without having acquired the required skills.

This happens because the system no longer wants to deal with that student. After all, having them redo a class means that extra budget is needed. The system is not willing to give that.

means of communication

The Wire  series  also shows how the press is a medium that lies and exaggerates in order to increase readership. The newspapers need new information to remain important. To keep going, newspapers exaggerate their news in order to increase the interest of readers.

This, in turn, increases profits. This is especially harmful for the crime world and politics. If the newspaper is constantly twisting the truth, then crime and politics are at the mercy of manipulation.

means of communication

The Wire  tells a story about the system’s influence and its inability to evolve. People have created the system in a way that makes it impossible for them to get out of it.

Ultimately, all drama creates a circle of violence and power where the little ones have to adapt to a hostile world because of their social circumstances.

The characters face an environment with few resources. This pushes them straight into a world of violence and destruction. The system that created these people is the same system that makes them succumb to the violence they create themselves.

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