The Silent Mind: The Secret To Relaxation

The Silent Mind: The Secret to Relaxation

The silent mind is weightless, transparent, free and as shiny as seawater. Selfishness disappears, outside pressure is blown away and your inner, obsessive storm of negative thoughts becomes less strong.

Nothing is as healthy as relaxing our minds and thoughts, and finding calm in the midst of all the chaos.

Gordon Hempton , a noted acoustic ecologist, tells us “ silence is a ‘creature’ in danger of extinction .” On top of that, silence and tranquility is extremely important for our survival. This is what this expert in the field of nature, sound and well-being emphasizes.

The last assumption may seem a bit exaggerated, but if you think about it, it contains a hard core of truth.

The still mind and the ability to listen

People lose their ability to listen. We’re not just talking about the ability to hear what our environment tells us or what external stimuli bring about in us.

The fact is that people nowadays hardly listen to themselves. Silence, according to Professor Gordon Hempton, forces us to be present and honest. It is a way of exposing our souls and spirits. This is how we open our hearts to the truth.

From this we can conclude that a still mind is a way to enlarge our inner world. It is a way of connecting what is outside of us with who we are.

It shows where and how we should invest our health and well-being. That’s something we should be doing on a daily basis.

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Your mind is the main cause of exhaustion

Let’s just face it: your mind is like an animal with an unprecedented amount of energy. He is tireless, restless and tears everything apart. It tangles with everything and can cunningly become  your worst enemy.

Your mind does not understand what relaxation is. He wakes you up at night without a problem and keeps you up by bringing out your useless thoughts and obsessions.

Our minds become entangled in a kind of mist. We end up getting lost in an ocean of fear and depression.

Master Eckhart, a well-known Dominican Catholic and German philosopher of the thirteenth century, had something to say about this. He thought that embracing silence is the only way to calm your inner sorrow.

According to him, the calm and silence around us is like a cleansing fire. It is a quiet house where your soul can learn to be more intuitive, where your insight is renewed and your knowledge deepens itself.

Eckhart’s conclusions have a kind of mythical undertone, let that be clear. Throughout history, have , however, religion and spirituality often stressed the importance of silence.

For example, Buddha also explained that practicing a still mind was the way to end exhaustion, lies and selfishness.

In fact, the still mind is not one that distances itself from or avoids reality. On the contrary: a still mind is  always alert and awake. Above all, he seeks a deep understanding of the nature of reality, both external and internal.

A silent mind

The still mind and relaxed thought

Obviously our mind can wear us out. People also relax their minds through activities such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

You have probably heard that meditation is really advisable. Perhaps you’ve even tried — unsuccessfully — and decided it wasn’t right for you after all.

We are not in favor of closed-eyed meditation in this case  despite the familiarity of this method. There are many ways to find silence. Thus, there are also several ways to practice and benefit from a still mind.

The key to the above, as with so many things in life, lies in discovering what best suits our needs and personality. Below are a few ground rules to consider.

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6 Ground Rules for Practicing a Quiet Mind

Don’t be afraid of silences anymore

Strange as it may seem, this is really the first step. It will be difficult for you to admit that you are afraid of silence, but for many it is the truth.

Something as simple as going somewhere where there is no human being for miles around, simply sitting in such an area, can be very terrifying for many. So face your fear! Expose yourself to silence and extinguish your fear that way.

Silence doesn’t take anything away from us

It often feels to us as if silence is taking something away from us. However, that “something” often includes superficial things that we drag after us. These things play tricks on our minds.

We must fearlessly allow silence to embrace us. We will have to learn to enjoy the proximity of silence and to let go of unnecessary weights in our lives.

One hour of seclusion a day

To shape still mind, we must (re)learn to be alone. The seclusion that we voluntarily choose for a certain amount of time is healthy, cleansing and rejuvenating in every way.

Do you live in yourself

To calm your restless, hungry mind with all its negative thoughts, you must learn to empathize with yourself.

Turn your gaze inward to achieve this. Find the ‘voice’ within you that says, “ Everything is fine. Take it easy and stop thinking those bad thoughts. Focus. Everything will be better from now on. Just appreciate the silence.

Stepping on the brakes doesn’t mean you’re wasting time

Another notable part of the strategy is learning to take things slow. So understand that by stepping on the brakes you are not wasting time. Living your life at a slower pace, allowing yourself to appreciate the moment, promotes mental peace.


In conclusion, we can say that the silent mind is not just an abstract concept. It is not impossible or only attainable for those who have been meditating for years. This kind of relaxed thinking takes strong willpower, self-control, and a healthy amount of self-love. Convince yourself that your mind is not and shouldn’t be your worst enemy. 

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