The Power Of Experience: The Doctor’s Advice

This story of the power of experience is about a mother and her only son, who is sixteen. Suddenly, and due to various circumstances, the boy becomes ill and it seems that he will not get better. His mother doesn’t know what to do until she asks a wise man for advice.
The power of experience: the doctor's advice

This story of the power of experience begins in a faraway land. There lived a widow with her only child. She loved her 16-year-old only son dearly, and he was her reason for living. He gave her the strength to move on.

The mother earned a modest income by patching up clothes. She was good at it, so she had a lot of customers. Although there were times when she had to work from dawn to dusk, she was happy because she could provide her son with everything he needed.

One day she had many more customers than she expected. This story of the power of experience tells us that the woman awoke at the first rays of the sun and did not go back to bed until dawn. However, she was happy nonetheless. After all, more customers meant extra income.

An unexpected situation

When she finished all her work, the woman had much more money than ever before. So she could buy new furniture. She also bought clothes for her son and for herself. Plus, she had money left over to make a purchase she couldn’t otherwise afford.

This story of the power of experience tells us that the woman bought several delicacies with that money. Products she and her son had never tried before. For example, she bought exotic fruit and ham. She also bought pheasant, quail and even venison. The boy was happy because he liked to try new things.

However, after eating all the delicious treats for a week, the boy began to feel unwell. He had a lot of stomach pain and he was nauseous. Although his mother asked him to eat less, he couldn’t. He didn’t get better that way and the days passed.

A necessary question

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The mother was very worried and did not know how to resolve the situation. She didn’t know if her son had food poisoning or if it was just indigestion. So she decided to take him to the doctor in town so he could get a diagnosis.

The doctor examined the boy carefully. His mother told him that he had been eating a lot lately. She even made a detailed list of all the foods the boy had eaten, and how much of each.

In this story about the power of experience, the doctor told the mother that the boy’s case was actually quite simple. He just didn’t feel well because he had eaten too much.

Therefore, the solution was also very simple. All the boy had to do was fast for a week. He was only allowed to drink water and eat small portions of fruit.

The doctor also said that if the boy followed his instructions, he would feel better. However, the boy did not want to follow the doctor’s advice. So he just started eating as usual, and didn’t get any better as a result.

Then someone told the mother that a very wise man lived in the mountains. The mother became curious and decided to ask the wise man for advice so that she could solve the boy’s problem.

The story of the power of experience

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The story of the power of experience tells us that the woman knew that some of her neighbors were going to take a trip to the mountains. She asked them to find the wise man and tell him about her son’s situation. She knew her son had to stop eating to recover.

Her neighbors returned a few days later. They told her what the wise man had said. They told her that the boy should follow the doctor ‘s advice. If the young man continued to display such destructive behavior, he and his mother had to come to the wise man’s hut in exactly one week.

The young man again ignored the advice. He continued to eat and therefore remained sick. A week later, the mother packed their bags and traveled with her son to the mountains. She hoped to find a solution that she could actually apply.

The healing

Upon arriving at the wise man’s hut, the mother asked him for advice on what her son should do. The sage replied, “Your son must fast for a week.” The woman felt disappointed, because she thought the trip had been one for nothing. Then her son said, “I cannot fast, it is impossible.”

The wise man replied, “It is quite possible to fast. I fasted for a week because I knew you were coming.” As a result, the young man was ashamed and began to fast without hesitation. A week later he felt a lot better.

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