The Health Consequences Of Job Insecurity

Job insecurity has obvious financial implications and can make it difficult for some to make ends meet. But what about the health implications of job insecurity? Job insecurity can cause stress and anxiety, which can have a major impact on your well-being.
The health consequences of job insecurity

In recent years there has been a recession in many countries. One of the most common effects of a recession is job insecurity.

Less stable jobs and more part-time or zero-hour contracts affect both the oldest and youngest members of the population. The first group is discriminated against because of their age and the second because of lack of experience.

Job insecurity means instability. Among other things, it often means that people cannot develop professionally as they would like or that they have to wait longer to start having children, buy a house or take a trip.

In most cases, the frustration caused by job insecurity affects both physical and mental health.

What are some of the consequences of job insecurity?

Job insecurity can cause a host of problems. Low salaries can make it difficult to meet basic needs. That means you experience stress every time you have to spend money.

The relationship between a job and an employee’s interests is also important. If you have studied for a certain field and for economic reasons have to accept other work, you will not be satisfied. Poor working conditions (zero hour contracts, too few hours, etc.) can also cause considerable anxiety.

Woman experiences stress at work

Anxiety is the result of overexposure to stress or too many negative expectations about the future. This happens when the cortisol level in your blood rises significantly over an extended period of time. A high cortisol levels can lead to all kinds of diseases, sleep disorders and other health problems.

At the same time, an unsafe work environment can also cause stress and anxiety. Construction jobs still have a relatively high mortality rate, which puts a heavy burden on construction workers.

They are exposed to heavy machinery, chemicals and sometimes even very hot materials. The things they work on are often quite dangerous too because most workers don’t wear safety harnesses. Mines are also extremely dangerous workplaces, as miners are exposed to toxic gases and sometimes do not have enough oxygen.

What can you do about job insecurity?

As individuals, we don’t have much influence on the economy. We can therefore only take individual or collective actions. As a collective, it is best to gather a group of people who have common goals to improve the workplace.

On an individual level, we can learn to deal with the stress or anxiety we experience in a healthy way.

  • Identify the cause of the uncertainty: As we have seen, job insecurity is caused by several factors. You may have to work with dangerous machinery or have to deal with toxic colleagues or even bullying at work on a daily basis. Before taking action, identify the cause of your fear, as that will determine which solution will be effective.
  • Prioritize: People who experience job insecurity often experience more stress than others. So try to avoid situations that cause unnecessary stress. There are many things, situations and even people that can affect your quality of life. Avoiding these culprits can help you improve your stress levels.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself : Your work results often depend on things you can’t control. Don’t be a perfectionist and accept that sometimes you make mistakes too. That will help you relax. Remember that sometimes you are your own worst critic.
Wife is happy with her job

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Positive thoughts can help you cope better with stressful work situations. If you know how to control and manage your stress, you can deal with it.

However, if you find yourself in an extremely stressful situation, it might be wise to ask yourself if you need professional help. Take charge of your health and happiness. Dare to change!

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