The Flip Side Of Desire

Desire often blinds you to what you already have and makes you leave it behind. Arturo Graf, the Italian poet and writer, said that we should desire little, and expect even less, in order to feel safe, motivated and peaceful over the course of our lives.
The flip side of desire

Desire is directly related to achievements. This can be related to the desire to achieve something or to the realization itself. So it can be positive. However, there is also a downside to desire.

Desire blinds you to what you already have. Arturo Graf, the Italian poet and writer, said that in order to feel safe, motivated and peaceful over the course of our lives, we should desire little and expect even less.

Not being able to fulfill your desires and fulfilling all your wishes both have a negative side. It may seem that the latter is not bad. However, letting yourself be carried away by your desires can lead you into a dead end. It’s kind of a vicious circle where you will never be satisfied.

Must desires then obey reason? They don’t have to. However, they can easily become naive and disproportionate over time. They blind you to the things you already have. So the key is to desire only what you can reasonably obtain.

Desire forces you to want what you don’t have

Why is it so easy to desire something and so difficult to want it? The answer lies in the fact that desire is connected with helplessness and wanting has to do with strength.

Before you crave something, you must carefully analyze the happiness it brings to the people who have it. In Ancient Greece, they believed that the more desire you plant, the less happiness you reap. So when you diminish your desires, you increase your power.

Desire forces you to want what you don't have

Horace is one of the most important lyrical and satirical poets of all time. He approaches desire from a limiting but also from an enriching perspective. Horace concluded that whoever obtains what is sufficient should desire nothing more.

To wish what you desire is human and necessary. However, the key to happiness is coping with whatever happens. You may think that you will only be happy if you get what you want. However, sometimes you start to feel empty as soon as you get it.

According to George Bernard Shaw, there are two tragedies in life. One tragedy is that you don’t get what your heart desires. The other is that you get it. Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, believed that it is no better for people if they get the things they desire.

To avoid the downside of desire, you must desire something that depends on you

Still, after all these remarks, we must point out that desire in itself is not bad. Some desires can make you a better person.

Having a blind faith in what you want opens the door to self-realization and self-knowledge, the highest point of human needs. A soul is measured by the breadth of its desires, just as a cathedral is judged by the height of its towers.

Some thinkers even believe that there is only one driving force: desire. That is why it is so important to highlight the positive side of a person’s need to achieve their goals.

Without this mighty force we would not see any great human progress. Deep down, all our progress came from an irrational desire and a boundless desire to succeed and improve.

Learn to desire little and expect less

The desires in your life form a chain. The hope you have of getting what you want is the connection. Perhaps what fascinates us most about our desires is that they are the only thing that makes you overcome your fears.

The flip side of desire is not desire itself, but the way you express your needs. Wanting something unattainable will make you very unhappy in the long run.

The positive side of desire

However, feeling passionate about achieving a realistic goal is something very beneficial. As with almost anything else, wishing in moderation and within reasonable limits is key.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the flip side of desire!

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