The Elephant Who Lost His Wedding Ring: A Beautiful Story

The elephant who lost his wedding ring: a beautiful story

This is an old, wonderful story that people have been talking about for generations. It’s a story to think about. It takes place in a  remote place in the jungle where a young and beautiful elephant lived and lost his wedding ring.

Let’s start at the beginning: in the beginning of the story, the elephant was ready to get married. However, he had not yet found a female elephant that had stolen his heart. However, on a random afternoon he saw a herd of elephants standing in the distance. The elephant saw that there was a beautiful female standing between them, and fell head over heels for her.

The two herds—his and hers—came together and the elephant decided to walk next to the female. They started talking and soon found that they had a lot in common. Eventually they fell in love with each other. A few months later, they announced to everyone that they had decided they were getting married.

The elephant and the dream wedding

This beautiful story then tells us that both herds were very happy with this. They hadn’t seen a wedding in a long time. Plus, they really believed in this couple. Some of the older female elephants were responsible for the husband’s suit. This had to be beautiful! Still others had to set the menu for the menu of the biggest spectacle of the year.

The bull elephants were put in charge of the large tent in which the newly married couple would perform their first dance. Everyone should attend this section and it should be an unforgettable event. At that moment everyone was happy, every elephant rejoiced and was ready to throw a party.

Just a few more days and the day of the wedding would arrive. So the elephant decided to ask a friend—and also a great jeweler—to make their wedding rings. The elephant’s friend agreed and poured all his patience into this project. So he made two breathtaking rings.

A herd of elephants

A wedding ring and a beautiful story

The elephant was told the rings were ready the day before the wedding. He was so excited that he went straight to his friend (the jeweler). Besides curiosity, he also had great expectations. The elephant wanted the rings to be no less than  perfect .

The story goes on to tell us that the elephant was absolutely delighted with the rings when he saw them. He congratulated his friend for his beautiful creations. In all his joy, he slipped the two rings over his trunk and returned home. All he needed was his suit for the ceremony. This occurred to him as he walked along the stream.

The elephant was very distracted and did not see that there was a huge stone in the road. Not paying attention, he  tripped and fell into the stream. It all happened so suddenly. When he got up, he immediately noticed that he had lost one of the rings.

The elephant who lost his wedding ring

Found objects

The elephant was struck by a wave of despair. He immediately began to search for the ring. He kept digging holes in the hope that he would find the wedding ring in the ground, but to no avail. After all, such small objects are difficult to find. The more he then searched the stream, the further away the ring seemed to be and the more desperate the elephant became.

A curious owl saw all this happening and yelled, “Keep calm!” However, this only made the elephant more nervous. He thought that the owl didn’t really understand what he was dealing with at the moment.

The wedding would take place the next day and the elephant really wouldn’t be able to get a new wedding ring at such short notice. What would the bride think? What would everyone else think? That’s all the elephant occupied himself with as he continued to search for the ring in the stream.

The wise lesson of the owl

Then the owl shouted again,  “Listen to me, keep calm! Everything will be fine, I’m sure.” The elephant remembered that owls were known for their wisdom, so he decided to listen to the owl this time. He stood completely still for a few minutes and calmed himself.

Soon the water of the stream became calm again, the sand settled back to the bottom and the sunlight drilled through the water. It shone right on the bottom. Then the elephant saw the wedding ring and plucked it from the water.

The young elephant thus learned an important lesson. His desperation caused the waves in the water, which prevented him from seeing the ring. He then thanked the owl for this wise lesson and returned home. He felt grateful and happy for what was to come. His legacy is this wonderful story to ponder. 

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