The Danger Of Cyber Relations

The Danger of Cyber ​​Relationships

Nowadays a lot of people meet each other via the internet. In most cases, this leads to healthy and long-lasting relationships, but there are also plenty of cases where these kinds of encounters don’t turn out well at all.

In this article, we therefore focus on the dangers of cyber relationships. We all know that there are millions of people on the internet with their heads behind their computer screens. The internet is the perfect opportunity to misrepresent themselves or hide their shortcomings.

When we come face to face with someone, we see both their virtues and their shortcomings, so the image we have of them is good enough to determine whether or not we want to enter into a relationship with this person.

The fewer flaws we can see in someone, the greater the illusion and our madness will be. The more flaws you see in someone, the less intense these feelings will be, although we can still admire someone.

What happens when a relationship doesn’t take place in real life?

When we communicate with someone through a screen, we are unable to look at their non-verbal communication. The way someone looks at you, smiles and talks and their overall presence is quite important.

While it’s clear that we don’t just fall in love with someone’s outward appearance, there has to be some kind of attraction: something that touches us inside.

Of course it is not bad at all to get to know someone via the internet, nevertheless we must be aware that we can only get to know a part of this person via the internet and that this part must be supplemented with a real meeting. Only when these two aspects (cyber and reality) come together can we honestly say that we like someone.

Cyber ​​Relations

We’ve all heard stories of people claiming to be in love with someone they’ve never met in person. However, this kind of infatuation is not real – these kinds of feelings are just the product of their imagination.

These are fantasies that live on pleasant messages we receive through a screen. Since we can’t see an image of this person, our mind has to think of one, often idealizing the other person and forming an image that fits our desire.

Love relationships over the internet have caused a lot of problems for a lot of people. There are all kinds of ways to be disappointed, such as when we get a photo of someone that doesn’t really match what they really look like, or when we think we are dealing with someone who is very sensitive and understanding while that person is in this situation. reality may not be at all.

That’s why it might be better to insist that any cyber relationship be made a reality as soon as possible. The faster we can confront the reality of the situation and deal with someone in real life, the faster we can make an informed choice.

Why are emotions more intense online?

Many people claim that their feelings for someone they have met online are stronger than those for people they meet in real life. This is because relationships in which you are face to face with someone can hide almost nothing, the eyes see what there is to see.

However, when reality has not yet been made public, the mind begins to image and create an idealized person, someone they would most like to meet. Someone they think would be ideal for them.

These things all happen unconsciously. Where a person gradually sinks into the illusion that he himself has created, until he reaches a point where his feelings are so intense, that they can do more damage than is really necessary.

I personally know enough people who have been through a lot because of their cyber relationship. However, once they understood what the mind does when it doesn’t get enough information, they managed to put their feet back on the ground and put a stop to the false beliefs.

Talking to someone on the internet without ever meeting them in person is like entering a fantasy world. The people most vulnerable to the dangers of cyber relationships are those who tend to dream a lot and are not satisfied with their real lives.

Cyber ​​Relations

Five tips to remember if you choose to let yourself fall in love with someone on the internet

  1. When you start to have feelings for someone, remember that these feelings are not valid until you meet this person in real life. Because your mind lacks true information, as it does when you meet someone in real life, it begins to idealize and create a person who does not exist and is quite different from reality.
  2. Don’t just expose yourself to cyber relationships. Sure, you can start something just by chatting with someone, but this phase shouldn’t take too long. Getting to know someone through a screen should always be accompanied by the intention of meeting in person shortly afterwards.
  3. Do not enter into a relationship with someone who lives in another country. I know of plenty of cases where people fell in love with someone they could never meet because he lived in another country, and had only virtual contact for years of their lives. Suffering for a love that can’t be, because everyone has a life and a job and not so one-two-three is able to move for a while. People who expose themselves to this surrender themselves to an imaginary platonic love.
  4. Do not enter into relationships with people who are married or in a relationship, even if they say that their marriage or relationship has practically come to an end anyway. Many people allow themselves to be seduced by these kinds of illusions. The person in a relationship convinces the other that although he is currently busy, his relationship is not going well and that it will soon come to an end. In most cases, however, it is only so that he tries to convince the other person so that he can more easily cheat on his partner. With all those people you can meet, why take a chance with someone who contributes to problems from the start?
  5. Remember that you can never be sure who you are chatting with. Anyone can appear sweet, caring, considerate and almost perfect through a screen. However, behind that screen could easily be someone who has a mental disorder that prevents him from building a relationship in real life, or someone who is making it all up.

The dangers of a cyber relationship increase when someone is not satisfied with their real life, as people search online for something they have not been able to achieve in reality. It is important to be extremely careful, although of course there are also honest people on the internet who are more than worth meeting, the internet is also full of dishonest people whose just the opposite is true.

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