The Bitterness Of Impossible And Disgruntled Loves

The bitterness of impossible and disgruntled loves

Who has not known such love? Such an impossible love that you know only exists for you. Idealized, valuable, might as well be porcelain, since you know that this love will never hit the wall of reality anyway. The reality that makes these kinds of loves real, despite their redundancy.

Today it is less common for people to experience disgruntled love. By this we mean a reciprocated love that reality, for several reasons, does not allow you to enjoy.

These two types of love are often confused, despite the fact that they are not exactly equal. In fact, both species are subject to different emotional traits. They have to do with circumstances that go far beyond the feeling of love itself, as we will see later in this article.

The bitterness of impossible loves

The first kind of painful love is an impossible love. A love that someone feels for someone else, but that unfortunately remains unrequited. To be truly impossible, this love must also have the qualities that it can never be reciprocated. “I can’t feel the same for you.”

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In cases like this, people often say that the person they are in love with is the only person who can make them feel two emotional extremes. They see this person as someone who can give them all the happiness they need. At the same time, however, this person is also the one who robs them of their happiness. This happiness can only come about when love is reciprocated.

Impossible loves involve a constant feeling of discomfort and sadness. We cannot avoid the feelings we have for this person and yet we cannot express these feelings the way we would like. In that sense, experiencing this kind of love becomes even more bitter when we imagine what it would be like if our love were reciprocated.

The bitterness of disgruntled loves

The other kind of impossible love is the kind of love that writer Gabriel García Márquez calls disgruntled love. He uses this term in his novel Love in the Time of Cholera . By this term he refers to the kind of love that you feel and hurt, that is reciprocated, but cannot materialize due to external circumstances.

In other words, a disgruntled love is a perfect love that will probably never develop further due to various reasons, reasons such as: incompatibility, family pressure, friendships that do not want to damage the two lovers, fear of emotional dependence etc. That is, tragic loves , similar to the love between Romeo and Juliet.

It is said to be the worst kind of love there is, because it will make the two people who love each other very frustrated. ‘I want, we want, and we can’t’. Both know that the other person understands and completes them, that he loves them as they are. At the same time, both are unaware of a way to overcome their obstacles.

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Disgruntled loves are mainly characterized by powerlessness, which causes a lot of pain for both parties. They know that their paths have crossed for their own good, but that circumstances will make it difficult for them to truly be together.

The difference with platonic love

If a love is not mutual or if it simply cannot develop, as we have shown in this article, this love will become bitter. But what about those loves that go no further than idealization? In this case we are talking about platonic loves, which we include in this article to make a clear distinction between this love and the forms of love that we have discussed above.

Platonic loves also do not end up in the world of the famous Cupid. Unlike impossible and disorganized loves, platonic loves are not ideal at all. Platonic loves do not go beyond one’s imagination. They are never experienced as true love, because they do not hurt.

Contrary to popular belief, platonic love is associated with beauty and not unrequited love. According to Plato, love is related to the impulse that leads us to know the essence of beauty, which we can find in someone else, but not to the impulse that will lead us to this person.

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