The Best Ideology: Love And Friendship

The best ideology: love and friendship

Here’s what some may think is a bold request: don’t argue with people who care only about your ideology. Don’t believe that someone is further away from you just because you don’t share the same views on a particular topic.

Don’t get involved in endless discussions with people who are just trying to demonstrate that their opinion is the right one or that their thoughts on a topic are more important. Don’t build a wall of distrust of people who haven’t seen your soul just because you believe their ideas could threaten yours.

Don’t ruin a true friendship that never harmed you just because that person has different ideas about life itself. It is not worth it. While you waste your breath protesting and become filled with resentment, you miss the fact that those who make such divisions really open up new opportunities with a smile.

The best ideology and way of understanding the world is based on the love and affection you have for the people who come into your life.

Perhaps you have views of the world that are contradictory and seem inconsistent. However, if you have love and respect for others and if you enjoy the company of those who color your life, consider whether it’s really worth it to ruin it for some invisible chasm that creates distance between you and these people .

The best ideology in life is based on your actions and what those actions say about you

There is a common mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to communication. This mistake is thinking and believing that everything you hear is true and comes straight from the heart of the person speaking. It’s easy to forget that, in reality, they’re all just words that roll over their lips and don’t necessarily come from their hearts.

Even you will sometimes say something without thinking  or express an opinion that shows ignorance or simply the view that you think you have to give an opinion about everything in order to define yourself. It is generally believed that by doing this, we will be seen in a better light by those around us.

You will also sometimes mistake simple words and gestures for expressed intentions or the intention to hurt. Perhaps you apply everything you hear to yourself and ultimately let the opinions of others become part of your own life experience.

Talking and sharing a variety of topics with friends is necessary. It is good to feed your mind with the opinions of others. Sharing opinions can also be therapeutic, help you get rid of your stress and allow you to see the truth from different perspectives.


Having a real conversation is an art that shouldn’t turn into an argument, especially if the person you’re talking to is someone you love and value. If miscommunication occurs, it can always be resolved with the right tone. It can be solved by listening and by never imposing your personal ideas on others.

Sometimes the line between a simple conversation and a real fight can be crossed. Every time this happens to someone you love, your relationship with that person could become more distant. In reality, you should always keep in mind the idea that words are carried by the wind. Only actions and real events reveal one’s intentions and true values.

You could also find yourself in a situation where you attack someone you love for something they have said, when in reality this person has shown the opposite with their behavior and actions time and again. From your point of view, it may seem that this person disappoints you by what he says, but he has never disappointed you with his actions.

This person may also find your words disappointing and you may have hurt him with your words. This can be a difficult and tense situation, especially when you and the person you love have always helped each other and have never really hurt each other.

The best ideology and the greatest truth is the love of the people you love

While anyone can be seduced by an idea or the thoughts of others, none of these things can offer you true love and reassurance, like the heartfelt words of understanding spoken by someone who truly loves you.


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