The Benefits Of Seeing A Good Deed

The benefits of seeing a good deed

Witnessing a good deed has a great influence on people. Completely altruistic and selfless actions evoke feelings of calm and peace in those who see them, feelings that leave a deep impression and are permanent due to the unexpected and sudden nature.

But why is it so good to see good deeds? What is it that makes us feel good when we see others doing altruistic work for others?


Seeing a good deed fills us with peace and gratitude

Seeing a good deed sends out a feeling of peace and happiness that lasts. Some of these gestures, although they seem insignificant, can stay in our memories and inspire us during difficult times.

When we witness a good deed, we can experience what Abraham Maslow calls a “peak experience”: a moment of wonder, amazement, and a sense of what is right that makes us thankful to be alive.

Renewed faith in human nature

Jonathan Haidt calls these experiences “euphoria” and describes them as a feeling of warmth in the chest and enlargement of the heart, a desire to help, and a greater sense of connection with others.

For Haidt  , a good deed is a manifestation of the superior or better  human nature. A good deed that brings out a newfound faith in human nature gives a glimmer of hope amid all the chaos and conflict of everyday life.

Altruism makes us more human

The sense of connection that Haidt mentions is important.  Altruism transcends the separation we often experience as humans. It connects us.

Pure altruism is possible because, at the deepest level, all people belong to the same network of conscience. The person who performs an altruistic act will certainly be the recipient of another good deed,  and if we witness that act, we will also be part of that network.

In other words,  good deeds have positive effects in three directions: who does it, who receives it, and who witnesses it.

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Kindness is positive for the immune system

Numerous scientific studies have shown that a good deed has a positive effect on the immune system and the increased production of serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin is a natural neurotransmitter responsible for our mood and helps to manage anxiety. Serotonin is considered a substance that makes you feel good because it serves as a means of producing pleasure in the brain.

The results of one of the most fascinating studies in recent years have shown that a simple good deed spreads from person to person, significantly improving immune system function and increasing serotonin production in both those performs the act as the person receiving it.

What was very surprising to the researchers was the finding that people who observe a good deed experience a similar strengthening of the immune system and an increase in the production of serotonin.

Be nice to feel better

The benefits of kindness are not limited to the strengthening of the immune system and the production of serotonin. The study found that those who regularly commit to good deeds feel relief from stress, a reduction in chronic pain, and even an improvement in their sleep problems.

Christine Carter explains that people who volunteer tend to experience less pain and discomfort.

Giving help to others protects our health twice as much as the protection aspirin offers against heart disease.

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