Tears Are Nothing More Than Our Wounds That Evaporate

Tears are nothing more than our wounds that evaporate

Let your tears flow, let the salt and water close your wounds and let everything that hurts and upsets you disappear with every drop. Let your body feel and let the feelings overwhelm you so that you can move forward so that you can  make the most of your life.

Don’t hide it when you cry, don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability so that other people can see that you feel to the depths of your soul and that you are not afraid to express it. Tears are sometimes necessary; they cannot stay in you. Sooner or later they will come out and that is why you have to let them flow and let calm come to you.

Learn to cry, to let your tears flow

Tears should not make us feel bad, but the opposite. If we think about how we feel after crying, we will even see that we feel relieved and comforted and that we can laugh again.

To cry

That’s why it’s important that we let our tears flow, regardless of the prejudice and fear  of what other people might think. We will talk about the benefits of tears, or the release of your feelings.

They help you get to know yourself

When we cry,  our tears help us reflect on what we are worried about, what we are, and the reason for our grief, but it also helps us gain a new perspective on what really matters, more than the little worries of our daily lives.

We all know what upsets us and there are many ways to deal with it: talking, walking, reflecting or writing down our deepest feelings. In short, it is a matter of not being afraid to express ourselves.

It’s a way to ask for help

Crying can be a way to get attention and ask for help. Maybe the time has come for someone to listen to us and make us see things in a different way, or maybe we just need a big hug.

And if the grief continues and the tears don’t stop, it may be time for professional help  to get over the mood.

They free you from stress

Tears free you from stress. After crying, we feel better, because crying is a way to release tension and to let go of what is putting pressure on us. Feel your tears come up from the corners of your eyes and let them fall so that all your pain will go away,  so that the world becomes blurry for a while so that later you can see it clearly again.

They connect you with others

When we cry, we show vulnerability  and while someone may think that crying is a sign of weakness, it is actually a sign of courage – the courage to show us exactly as we are, with all our faults and values.


When we cry, it may seem that other people, even strangers, are closer to us and more friendly. Tears bring us together and connect us with others so that we feel more human.

Don’t judge your tears

Crying is not for the weak; it is human and brave. We often feel that men shouldn’t cry because they show weakness, but  what crying really shows is that you have the courage to express your feelings.

Women, on the other hand, are often seen as hypersensitive and often try to hold back their tears so that they don’t show their feelings and sensitivity. But  we must remember that showing our feelings in any way is a good thing  and necessary for our mental and physical health.

If we don’t voice our concerns, it can cause discomfort, so let your tears flow. Let your wounds evaporate and close with every drop that runs down your face and never fear your tears.

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