Surviving A Lifetime Of Heavy Blows

Overcome a lifetime of heavy blows

Sometimes in life you take really hard blows. Because life is not always bright and colorful. Yet you must continue to confront everything you have. Now and then thoughts will come to your mind like “why me?” or “I don’t deserve this!”. But it has nothing to do with whether you deserve it or not. The things that can happen to you are surrounded by darkness. But you have the power to see the light in all that blackness.

One of the most difficult experiences a person can have is dementia. It’s a condition that directly affects your memory and the people you love most. When you have dementia, you lose a lot of your memories. You also forget who people are. But is there another way to look at dementia?

Watch this short film about dementia.

You have to face the heavy blows with patience

You can learn a great lesson from this. You can even use it in your daily life. When life throws you some heavy blows and you feel like you’ve lost everything, you may feel the need to hit back. Or you rush into actions that will turn the situation around or make things right as soon as possible. But so you forget to be patient.

Usually we don’t handle uncertainty very well. Not knowing what could happen to you in the future can cause a lot of anxiety. This will make you feel like you are on the edge of a well with no clear bottom. This pit has a lot to do with the feeling of losing control. Unexpected negative events and bad news can trigger this feeling.

What do you have to do then? You have to be patient and show persistence. In addition, you have to stop expecting that you can solve every problem overnight. Start to focus on the small steps to make things better. Make these steps with a lot of effort and let yourself be supported by a feeling of hope.

So patiently dealing with the heavy blows that life throws your way does not mean that you lose hope. It just means that you will try to use love. You will try to live with this uncertainty. Because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You know what will happen today. In the here and now, you really are the person in control.

The little things make it all worth it

Yet another lesson is that you should focus on the little things, even if they seem insignificant. The reason is that in those little things you often find your own happiness. But sometimes years have to pass. You have to reach the age of the main characters in the short film before you realize that.

We always chase big dreams. Moreover, we try to collect things and we want innumerable riches. But the things that are truly valuable are in the smallest things, in the things you hardly see. When someone has dementia, the big dreams crumble. Collecting things no longer makes sense. What’s left for them then? And herein lies the magic.

Grab life when it’s there for you

Often it seems that life has to give you some heavy blows before you open your eyes and really notice all the things you don’t appreciate. The strange thing is, they were always within your reach. You didn’t have to make any effort to get these things. They were right in front of you. You just had to appreciate them! But you didn’t because you focused your attention elsewhere.

Even though life hits you with heavy blows that cause suffering, you can’t deny one positive aspect that they absolutely possess. They help you open your eyes. Because we all live on autopilot all the time. This only leads us to more setbacks and unexpected problems.

Now is the time to stop waiting for things to happen. That way you can start to appreciate the little things. Appreciate the life you have. You can start by developing the patience to deal with anything that didn’t happen the way you wanted it to. These are valuable lessons. Love, appreciation for the little things and a small change in your perspective can be the start of a wonderful journey on the side of the person you love most. This is possible, even if their reality and yours are not on the same page.

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