Sometimes We Have To Let Go To Find Happiness

Sometimes we have to let go to find happiness

How can we let go of the things that weigh us down ? Imagine taking a walk with a backpack full of stuff. It makes your back start to hurt, you stop walking and you look in the backpack to see what’s actually inside. You realize that there are several things in there that you don’t really need anymore and you immediately throw them out. How do you feel now? Much lighter! You can now walk a long way without getting tired and so you can go far.

Well, the same thing happens with your feelings and attitudes, which you accumulate over the years. The moment you learn to let go of everything you don’t need, you will begin to live life in a different way, happier and freer. Do you want to let go of some things that you no longer need? Start as soon as possible! You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to go through life without baggage.

Letting go of attitudes that are an obstacle to your growth

Among the things you should try to let go of are all those things that don’t help you understand others or be a better person. All those attitudes that limit you and prevent you from moving forward in your growth with others and yourself.

First of all,  stop trying to always be right. Start with something difficult! Maybe the thought of doing something wrong is something you can’t stand and this gives you a lot of trouble with the people you care about. If your ego is bigger than your desire to get along with your partner, or your parents or friends, think about this and stop!

Letting go

Another thing that  would be good to eliminate is the feeling that you need to be in control of everything,  especially what’s going on around you. Just leave others alone. There’s no need to try and blame someone if there isn’t one at all… or for something you have to take responsibility for. It’s easy to point out someone else, but much harder to admit it’s your fault. Contrary to what we often think, this does not mean that you are cowardly. It’s bravery.

Let go of the desire to impress others again and again.  You can’t expect to be something you’re not really just to get others to like you. Trying to please others around you  will only make you gain some bad friends who will abandon you as soon as you need them. The same story goes for your partner, your work and other matters. From the moment you take off your mask and speak the truth, only the people who deserve to be there will be left.

Let go of the thoughts that weigh you down

So far we’ve talked about the attitudes towards others that you need to let go of, but of course there’s a lot of work to do when it comes to ourselves as well. The things that weigh us down the most during our lives are our negative and destructive thoughts.

By that way of thinking you avoid triumph, progress and learning. Don’t believe 100% of all your thoughts, especially the pessimistic things and the things that hurt you. Remember that the brain can be used for both good and evil… and that depends on you.

At the same time  , you should also let go of the belief that you are worthless and good for nothing. Nothing is as impossible to achieve as you think. Nothing and no one (not even you) can stop your happiness and stop you from realizing your dreams. Spread your wings and fly! Do the things that will make you a better person and even closer to your dreams. Remember that you can become your worst enemy if you don’t have confidence in your own abilities.

Resisting change is another thing you need to get out of your heavy backpack. That way you will be able to continue your path while being a lot lighter. Changes are good, even if you don’t see it right away. Get out of your comfort zone, don’t settle for the minimum… You deserve the maximum. Don’t resist that which is different. Give it a shot and many doors will open for you.


Letting go of fear, pretexts and the past

These three thoughts or feelings are very heavy and useless. Fear is the thought that something bad will happen to you and therefore you don’t want to move forward. If you’re scared, there’s more chance you’ll fail. As Franklin Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This will limit you and prevent you from moving forward.

Pretexts are nothing but a shield that prevents you from accepting what is happening around you. This can happen due to a lack of motivation, worrying too much about your future, lack of confidence in your own skills and more. Often we have come up with these kinds of excuses ourselves and they are not true. Don’t allow yourself to stand still “because it’s raining,” “because I don’t know how to do it,” or “because I’m going to fail anyway.”

And lastly, the past, which usually weighs us down the most. We don’t often think about those beautiful moments from the past, but we do think about the bad moments that made such an impression on us. The past should be ignored, because if you focus too much on it, you won’t be looking at the present, let alone tomorrow. 

Finally, I want to share with you a beautiful quote from Lao Tzu: “Everything comes naturally by letting it flow naturally. The world belongs to those who can let go. If you try, everyone wins in the end.”

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