Self-confidence Is Not Selfishness, Arrogance Or Superiority

Self-confidence is not selfishness, arrogance or superiority

Self-confidence is not selfishness or arrogance or superiority or pride. Self-confidence is loving yourself through a healthy reflection in our psychological mirror; a protected image with a solid foundation.

Some people protect themselves with arrogance by emphasizing their strengths and striving to hide their vulnerabilities. These types of people seem almost perfect and claim that they never make a mistake.

These people clearly lack self-awareness and seem to mistrust themselves by hiding their true character behind a mask that yearns to be perfect, although of course this is impossible.

Self confidence

The difference between egocentrism and self-confidence

The ego is the basis of our personal identity and therefore our self-confidence and egocentrism at the same time. We could simply distinguish these two concepts by stating that self-confidence is a healthy and tolerant form of love and egocentrism is an empty, foolish, exaggerated and intolerant form of love.

There is a short story that illustrates very well how self-confidence is and is not expressed. Let’s take a look at this story below:

I was walking down the street with my father when he suddenly stopped on a corner and after some silence asked me:

-Do you hear anything besides the song of the birds?

-I set my ears on sharp and after a few seconds replied:

-I hear the noise of a cart.

-Yes, it is, said my father. It’s an empty cart.

-How do you know it’s an empty cart if we haven’t seen it yet? – I asked my father.

-It is very easy to recognize if a cart is empty, because of the noise. The emptier the cart, the more noise it makes – he replied.

Self confidence

I grew up, but even to this day, when someone talks way too much, disrupts the conversation or is even pushy or violent, brags about what he has, comes across as arrogant or puts people down, my fathers voice in my head that says:

Humility involves keeping our virtues quiet and giving others the opportunity to discover these virtues for themselves. No one is emptier inside than someone who is full of arrogance, pretentiousness and self-centeredness, someone who makes a lot of noise and does not have a healthy self-image at all (self-confidence).

You are neither better nor less than others

The line between our ego and self-confidence is very thin. We are not better or worse than others, we are all just different. Understanding diversity is undoubtedly the foundation or mainstay of a healthy self-esteem that promotes positive attitudes towards yourself and others.

A healthy self-image offers the advantage that when we achieve something we are not so proud of ourselves that we consider ourselves all-powerful because of this achievement. We are not tempted by the egocentrism or the negative or exaggerated love of our ego.

Self confidence

A person who loves himself in a healthy and non-exaggerated way has no need to put his own feelings, thoughts and opinions at the center of attention. While self-confidence promotes equality in relation to our thoughts, feelings, and behavior, self-centeredness involves a belief that you are superior to others.

Thus, by behaving in an arrogant or self-centered way, we are actually trying to value the things we think or believe by making the thoughts and feelings of others less important.

In short, egocentrism should not be confused with self-confidence. In the case of egocentrism, a person is usually convinced that he is better than others in every aspect, which makes him behave arrogantly. However, self-confidence means that we act on the basis of our knowledge of our own abilities and limitations.

Self confidence

Moreover, by loving yourself, it is also much easier to love others. However, sometimes it is difficult not to get carried away by our exaggerated ego and we quickly make the mistake of being arrogant by asserting our own opinions and feelings.

That is why it is wise to take a good look at yourself and to take the necessary precautions. The line between these two qualities is very thin and the mistake of imposing our own desires on others and making them more important than theirs is easily made.

Self-confidence: the dance of self-love

To understand what self-confidence is, we must understand that the mind works like a mirror. It reflects anything that our senses catch in a certain way… Read more.

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