Saying Goodbye Can Be Really Hard

Saying goodbye can be really hard

It’s so hard to leave something behind that made you happy. It is indeed not easy to close a chapter. Because it can be very painful to know that you have to say goodbye forever. You can feel so hurt when you have to part with something you don’t really want but it is inevitable. Saying goodbye can be really hard.

Sometimes all you have to do is turn the page and end a chapter. I know this all too well. You have to change jobs. Or you lose a friend. Or the house is too small for so many people. It’s hard and sometimes it’s really hard. But it’s part of life. We close one thing and say goodbye. Then we open another door and welcome all new things.

So you can add chapters to your life. But for that you need blank pages to continue writing. So you have to end that old chapter. You have to shut it down. But it will still be there. Traces of this chapter will continue to exist on the next page. It will all make sense once you know why you closed it. Everything will make sense if you let this happen.

Saying goodbye is not easy. But it’s good to know that once you get over the pain, you’ll be ready for what’s to come. Sometimes the pain of losing something is healthier than the pain of carrying on with that extra burden on your shoulders.

The emptiness after saying goodbye

It’s not easy to explain. But everyone probably understands. Because we’ve all experienced it in one way or another. There are forms of parting that leave a void that is so difficult to fill. You may never be able to refill it. It’s so hard to face the unknown. You leave your comfort zone and end something. At that point it is very difficult to realize that you have to start another chapter now.

It is true that there is an emptiness. That’s because the pain of loss is real pain. But covering it up will only make it stronger later on. So you have to learn to say goodbye and deal with that emptiness. It is important that you learn when to close something. It may hurt a lot right now but tomorrow the pain will stop.

You will usually not see the magic of saying goodbye at that time. But you will notice it in everything that comes after the goodbye. Believe me, a whole world of possibilities will open up to you. There is so much waiting for you once you have cleared your wounds. The magic of saying goodbye is that it usually means welcoming something different.

If you learn how to handle that emptiness, if you don’t make it bigger than it needs to be, if you give it the space it needs… if you allow yourself to adjust when you need it and give yourself time to heal , then you will be ready for what comes. It’s so hard to say goodbye. But once you do it, your healing and learning will take care of yourself. Learning to say goodbye is learning to grow.

You have to say goodbye to move on

So you have to say goodbye in order to move on. This means that you have to close one chapter to start a new one. Maybe it’s time to dive into something new. Most of the time, the world doesn’t stop there. And you are part of the world.

On your life journey, fear is your faithful ally. It makes you cling to what you know. Because you’re afraid of what you don’t know. But you possess the power to defeat fear.

If you look back, you will notice how much your life changes. Even you, with all the knowledge you have now, could never have predicted exactly where you would be right now. You are where you are now because of the decisions you have made. And with that decision came your decision to say goodbye.

So it’s time to learn how to say goodbye. Learning new things is difficult. But welcome comes after goodbye. It may not be easy but it definitely means something good. Saying goodbye can be really hard but think about the magic in the new things.

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