Please Don’t Say Empty Words To Me

Don’t tell me to calm down. Don’t push me into a corner. Don’t tell me to stop being sad. Don’t say all these empty words to me.
Please don't say empty words to me

Don’t say empty words to me. Don’t tell me to calm down, because that’s exactly what I can’t do. Don’t push me into a corner where I can’t see the whole picture. Please don’t tell me to stop being sad, even though this situation doesn’t help me either.

I can’t even find a place to rest and catch my breath, so maybe it’s not just a matter of will. Believe me, I really don’t want to feel that way. Don’t say empty words to me…

Please don’t punish me for my forgetfulness. I didn’t want to leave the light on or the door open. Also, I certainly didn’t want to give our groceries to whoever would find them hanging from the back of the chair in the restaurant.

Swearing at me really doesn’t help. I know this is the first thing that comes to mind, but it really doesn’t help. It doesn’t make sense if you yell at me. It just makes me more anxious and insecure. You don’t help me be less distracted, it just makes me feel worse when it happens again because I know it makes you angry.

Woman needs support instead of empty words

What I Told You While I Was Thinking About Something Else

Also, don’t tell me what I’m trying to do. My problem isn’t that I’m on the wrong path, just that I can’t find the way to get where we both want to go.

Anxiety just doesn’t work that way. If you tell me not to be anxious, you’re not helping me calm down. Instead, it just gets worse.

Fear is stubborn and it feeds on the helplessness you throw over me with your critical words. I’m sorry if you find it difficult to hear this. Please don’t get mad at me for my honesty and don’t use empty words.

Don’t remind me of what I said I would do. It makes me feel even smaller when you point out that I failed. Don’t ask me to breathe underwater. I must come to the surface and find the light. Work with me instead of just measuring my strength.

If you listen to me, we can start using a language we both understand. We can build our own Tower of Babel and build intimacy with each other. More than a tower, it will be a bridge that will help me share the circumstances and obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Insurmountable, even if it’s probably nothing more than a line on the floor to someone else. But don’t tell me that. Please don’t be that person.

Don’t tell me empty words

Don’t say empty words. If you don’t want to, if you can’t, don’t help me. Don’t make my problems trivial so you don’t have to talk about them anymore. If you have your own problems, I understand.

But please don’t pretend your courtesy visits are real, like the ones we used to have that started with despair and ended with hope. Those visits where there is no rush in the silence because time is our least concern. If you’re here to tiptoe around trouble, it’s all pointless.

Don’t ask me in a message how I’m doing, especially if you know I’m not well. I won’t have a problem lying to you so you have permission to get on with what you’re doing. Prepare dinner, watch your favorite TV show, get to your next appointment on time…

Couple support each other

Don’t say anything if you don’t have anything to say

If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything. I will not get sick of shutting out the wind and the sound of the carpentry, mixed with the sounds of children and birds during the short autumn afternoons or the long spring days. When I say, “don’t tell me,” I’m really saying that you should share everything you want to share, but you should stay here in the present.

That will help me. I prefer a few moments of open communication to a dozen visits we spend staring out the window.

Instead, let’s repeat that time when we just lay down, to stare at the sky, imagining it was a huge dark blue blanket with tiny holes for the light to shine through. sssst. Don’t say anything, because then you hardly said anything. You didn’t say anything then, but nothing scared either of us then.

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