Life Is Unpredictable

Life is unpredictable

Contemporary society highly values ​​values ​​such as materialism, logic and objectivity. It seems like we want to control every aspect of our lives in order to get the most out of every moment. We don’t like the  unpredictable.

But did you know that real life isn’t played by these rules? We can only grow as human beings if we are also prepared for the unpredictable.  Growth comes when we get used to the idea that we can’t always get our way and that we really aren’t able to control those around us.

People seem to be afraid of the unpredictable. It gives a sense of loss of control and would mean that randomness and chaos dominate everyday life.

You don’t really have to believe in this extreme idea, but it’s still good to watch with an open mind. Be flexible in life and accept that there will always be many things that are beyond our control. Loss of control is synonymous with fear for many of us.

We are sometimes so selfish that we think,  “Why did this have to happen to me?” We complain and act like victims instead of focusing on what really matters. Don’t get caught up in the victim feeling, don’t wonder why this just happened to you. Take a moment to review what happened and discover the lesson you can learn from it.

Accept chaos, coincidence and the unpredictable

Alone in the Forest

Indeed, it is not always easy to accept every event that suddenly appears, especially if it threatens to disrupt the carefully constructed balance of your life. Maybe you’re working hard to build a great career for yourself and the company suddenly goes bankrupt. Everything you’ve worked so hard for is going up in smoke.

But you continue to wallow in the negative feelings and ask why this just had to happen to you, is fighting the beer quay. It will only increase your despair and your fear. Try to make use of what happened. See what you can do now to take your destiny into your own hands. 

What happens to us, whether good or bad, can be the result of chance. Most importantly, we view every event as an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

You probably know someone in your environment who cannot relinquish this all-overriding control. A person who fails to give up the obsession to determine the lives of those around him. They push themselves to the limit and cannot bear the thought of making a mistake or mistake. Coincidence and the unpredictable are viewed with the utmost mistrust. Their lives are determined by a fixed structure and rules in which everyone is expected to play a fixed role (the good father, the obedient son, the serving mother, the faithful friend…).

These people are afraid of the unpredictable and the unexpected. Yet it is precisely these moments in life that can hold up a mirror to us. They offer us an opportunity, a challenge, to learn more about ourselves and discover how we can become a better version of ourselves.

Life is unpredictable and made up of miraculous coincidences

Life consists of fragments of tense moments as well as events filled with sadness. However, remember that every moment is worth living. Every experience counts and makes you the person you have become today.

Don’t judge your past, don’t wipe it out of your existence. Transform what you were into a new, improved version of yourself. You are a perfect puzzle of opposites, in which every piece has value and contributes to the whole. Therefore, be open to any event that comes your way and that life has in store for you.

They say that life is an organized chaos that we all think we understand. In reality, we seem to struggle through it like toddlers who like to experiment, but don’t go out of their way to avoid getting hurt.

Happy Girl on the Bike

So let’s look at what we can do to welcome coincidence and the unpredictable into our everyday lives. Don’t we often complain that nothing is happening, that nothing exciting is happening to us?

Then consider the following ideas for a moment:

  • Are you one of those people who thinks it’s better not to wish for anything so that you can’t be disappointed either? You are afraid that what you will get might be worse than the present? Then realize that you completely cut the magic of chance.
  • Our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape how we behave. This determines the reality in which we live. Change your mind and rekindle that spark of enthusiasm in your life.
  • The belief that you are made for better is often enough to initiate the process of change.
  • Your mind will be open to any new stimulus if you manage to leave limiting and negative thoughts and defeatist attitudes behind. 

Coincidence is hidden in every corner, in thousands of moments and in every look that can become entangled with yours at any moment and unexpectedly. Therefore, keep your mind open and allow flexibility in your life.

Let go of your resistance and look at life with a curious eye and without prejudice. Every moment is unpredictable, but worth living and worth living.

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