Life Is Great When You’re Not Afraid Of It

Life is great if you are not afraid of it

Irrational fear occurs at multiple times in our lives. It can keep us from enjoying every moment of our lives. Irrational fear complicates our relationships with others and causes our physical and mental health to deteriorate.

Where do these fears actually come from? They undoubtedly come from within us. We have the ability to torment ourselves about problems that don’t really exist and to torment ourselves with problems for which there is no solution.

Fear is necessary in life. It is a natural reaction to adversity and possible danger. However, we often give this response much more attention than it deserves.

Fear can take over your life

When we give in to fear, we end up living like puppets controlled by the circumstances that surround us.

Being dominated by fear means losing yourself. You will then no longer progress on the path that leads to your dreams and wishes. It is an energy that paralyzes our willpower.

How can we counteract fear? It is important not to feed or avoid fear by running away from it. The moment we face our fears, we counter those fears and rob them of their power.

However, the moment we let our fears take their place, we can completely collapse, preventing us from taking a step forward, even when confronted with important problems such as love, honesty and our own well-being. Ultimately, our fears then take control of our decisions and our willpower and we forget that in life it is mainly important to live and experience life.


Control our fears

We know that some fears are irrational and don’t match reality. Yet we think that we cannot escape these fears, causing us to succumb to them and simply accept our fate.

We create a kind of fear in ourselves. We need to know how to recognize and understand these kinds of insane fears so that we can find out how they affect our lives and what important things we miss out on by not facing them.

The consequences of irrational fears are:

  • We become paralyzed, not knowing how to react when faced with an important situation.
  • We remain vigilant because, based on our imagination, we fear what might happen.
  • We put aside many things that are important to us and that we enjoy because we think we cannot handle the situation we fear.
  • By not confronting the things we are afraid of, we lose our view of things that are very important to us.

When we analyze these irrational fears, try to figure out what they protect us from, what they are based on and how they can be more useful to us, we take a very important step.

A new world of possibilities

When we have determined to face our fears, to question them and try to understand them, we enter a new world of possibilities.


Everything can be great when you are not afraid to live. More and more experiences appear in our lives and we begin to enjoy everything that is within our reach.

We have no control over what will happen around us. However, we do have control over how we will react when faced with the different situations that will arise in our lives.

When we are able to understand this and put this knowledge into practice, we will be better able to love and let our dreams run wild. In doing so, we ourselves will become the true rulers of our own happiness and take the course of our lives into our own hands.

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