Life Has More Fantasies Than Realities

Life contains more fantasies than realities

When we talk about fantasies, many believe that we are talking about a subject far from everyday reality. They assume that imagination is only connected with exceptional or unusual events. But the truth is, we deal with fantasies every day. Life contains more fantasies than realities.

Many would even say that we are constantly absorbed in a series of different fantasies. Strictly speaking, much of what we do or don’t do is based solely on imaginary reasons and ideas. This happens rather than relying on real reasons. If we ask why we live this way and not another, many people will answer with arguments that rely much more on a cultural fantasy than on real life.

Creative fantasies

Some fantasies are creative. We then speak of those fantasies that deviate from the ordinary and tend more towards the exceptional. But there are also non-creative fantasies. These are things we hear others say and then repeat afterwards as if they were true. They are strongly rooted in the local culture. Therefore, they are presented as the truth, even if they are not.

We have no objective experience of ourselves or of the world around us. We don’t need them either. Much of our ideas are influenced by fantasies that we have been taught or built ourselves.

Wonderful fantasies 

Some fantasies help stimulate the desire to live and grow. An example of this is the perception that we earn something. It is the idea that something good will always come into our lives. We interpret these fantasies as optimism, persistence and resilience.

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So these fantasies are not based on any objective test. But the contradiction is that they often become reality. They arose as beliefs without any kind of evidence. But they fulfill the person in such a positive way that he is able to respect himself so much more and make the best of every situation.

Every great human achievement started with an imaginative dream. It doesn’t happen in the reverse order, as it does in science. There you first look for the evidence and only then formulate a position. Here you first make a statement and then the evidence follows. That is why it is said that you can go as far as your dreams allow.

Horrible fantasies

The opposite also happens in the human mind. Humans have the ability to create real nightmares. They really only exist in our imagination. You think that everything is going wrong. And even when things are going well, you still think things are going badly. You believe that you deserve nothing good. Ultimately, you will reject or sabotage the opportunities to improve things for yourself.

Some of these terrible fantasies go even further. They sometimes manifest as intense delusions. An imaginary debt is capable of leading you to embark on an imaginary manhunt as well. The fear of falling causes you to stumble. Insane jealousy plants the seed of infidelity in the other.

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There are cases where the imagination becomes compelling and takes control. You can convince yourself that you won’t wake up when you fall asleep. Or you can think your body is a bag of fat and stop eating. You may even imagine that your life is worth nothing. You then imagine that it makes no sense and consciously or unconsciously you strive to die.

The Limit of Imagination

Humans are imaginative animals. From birth we are touched and influenced by fantasies. In the first place, we are the fantasy of our parents. That can be a happy, a dreaded or an unexpected fantasy. The meaning they give us makes our lives possible. If they weren’t the imaginative protagonists of our arrival into the world, we wouldn’t have been born. Without any evidence, they designed an idea of ​​what our life on this planet would be like. And they gave their consent.

Fantasies are essentially human. We come  from them and go  to  them  . Every human form of hope in the face of death has an element of the imagination. And so is every hope in life. All that is real is uncertainty. The rest is a product of the human imagination.

Man sitting in a forest surrounded by candles, because life contains more fantasies than realities

But the world of imagination also encompasses a wide range of hues and shades. It ranges from completely absurd to reasonable and probable. To design or create art, it is good that you let your imagination run wild. To live it is better that you stay within the limits of what is possible. But remember, we can always redesign our fantasies. Thus they become a force that brings good into our lives and not evil.

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