It’s Hard To Say ‘hello’ When You Actually Want To Scream ‘I Love You’

It's hard to say "hello" when you actually want to scream "I love you"

Robert Grimes conducted a study in the United Kingdom. In this study it was said that if the theory that the entire moon landing was fake and that we as humans have never been on the moon were true, it would have already come to light. Simply because of the amount of people involved. However, when it comes to our hearts and pronouncing the words ‘I love you’, the fork is very different. In matters like these , it is quite possible that we have very intimate feelings for someone, but we do not show or express them. Perhaps we do this out of fear.

Maybe your relationship just broke up and you actually still love your ex. Maybe after a long time you meet up with someone again and realize that you have feelings for this person. Or maybe you suddenly find yourself developing deep feelings for a very close friend.

These are examples of situations where we just say ‘hello’, when we really want to scream out loud ‘I love you’. We want to hug, kiss, laugh and spend time with the person we have feelings for. We just want to enjoy watching him, but we don’t dare to do so for all sorts of reasons.

The inability to show our feelings

Sometimes we don’t dare to say ‘I love you’ out of fear, or simply because we feel blocked. Maybe our past relationships hurt us and caused us to build a shield around us. There are even more extreme cases where a person suffers from a disorder known as alexithymia.

I love you

Alexithymia is a neurological disorder that prevents the affected person from identifying or verbally expressing their emotions. This disorder can manifest itself in multiple scales. In the first scale, the neurological structures associated with emotions have been damaged. In the second scale, the disorder is the result of an emotional trauma or an emotional development disorder.

People who suffer from alexithymia are unable to say “I love you” or “sorry.” They feel tremendous contempt for themselves. Because they are aware of their inability to express their true feelings to other people,  which makes them feel useless.

Why it’s important to show your feelings

Our contemporary society has slowly come to despise the expression of feelings and emotions. Still, not expressing your emotions can have quite negative consequences. That’s why it’s important to learn to express your feelings well in relation to every part of your life.

Many people have learned from an early age to keep their emotions hidden. Not to cry in public, as this would be a sign of weakness. To avoid problems by being submissive in conflicts. That is, many people have learned to withdraw into themselves.

Locked up

However, it is important to remember that pent-up and unspoken feelings can have various negative consequences for both our bodies and our brains. These are consequences such as stress, anxiety, headaches, stomach ulcers, asthma‚Ķ A feeling that is not expressed is like a bomb that somehow has to explode. So if we don’t express this feeling, it will eventually have some influence on our lives.

Five ways to say “I love you”

‘Te amo’, ‘I love you’, ‘Je t’aime’, ‘Ich liebe dich’, or ‘T’estim’. Love is a universal feeling. We all sometimes feel the need to say these words. However, there is a language in which it is not possible to express this feeling in a semantic way. It’s impossible to say “I love you” in Vietnamese. Not because Vietnamese have no feelings, but rather because they can’t find the right words for it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to say “I love you” without using words. It’s not just about the words, it’s about showing that you love someone, about expressing your love through your actions. That’s why we’re sharing five ways to say “I love you” without saying a single word:

1. Make your partner fall in love with you every day

It doesn’t matter how much time has already passed; between two lovers there should always be a certain spark. Something that reminds the other person that you really love them. For example, make a cup of coffee or tea for your partner and bring it to him while he is still in bed. Write a sweet message for him so that he reads this message when he just wakes up. It’s not about grand gestures or expensive gifts. It’s about finding a way to show your feelings.


2. Make sure you stay in a good mood

Don’t get angry unnecessarily. Put on a smile and take a deep breath in and out. Take things lightly and convey this mood and humor to your partner. Play with your hair, joke, laugh. You don’t have to tell jokes all day long. We just mean trying to see life in a different way, from a good mood.

3. Hug and kiss your partner

When was the last time you hugged and kissed someone? We all need a hug from time to time and luckily we can always give them to others ourselves. Hand out kisses and hugs without obligation, use your arms and lips to say “I love you.”

To kiss

4. Respect your partner’s personal space

Giving your partner their own personal space is also a way of saying “I love you.” Sometimes give your partner a moment to himself to do his own thing. Loving someone means that you have certain things in common, but at the same time you also keep your individual space. And these spaces should be respected honestly and sincerely.

5. Stay Connected

A ‘good morning’, a kiss or a ‘how are you?’ are essential to show your interest. Things like this can show your partner that you really care about them. You don’t have to send millions of messages a day. Just make sure your partner knows that you are there for him and that you love him.

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