It Takes Peace And Patience To Find The Meaning Of Life

It takes peace and patience to find the meaning of life

You will not always find the meaning of life by being in love or chasing a passion… It comes and goes. What will really help you appreciate the wealth around you is a  calm heart and inner peace.

On one thing many philosophers and some specialized psychologists (especially logotherapists) agree. They say that it is very difficult to find your purpose when you are immersed in your own culture. You get so many stimuli simultaneously from all kinds of different sources that it is difficult to filter out some of them. This makes it difficult to hear your own voice, and thus also to listen to your true self.

Adam Steltzner: an example for us all

Adam Steltzner is the NASA scientist who designed the Curiosity Rover and landed it on Mars. He said that when he was younger, he could not have dreamed of dedicating his life to such a project. Originally, he even wanted to become a rock singer. He had his own band, played concerts and had little interest in getting an education like his friends did.

But all that changed one night. He was walking home alone from a band rehearsal and the sky couldn’t have been clearer. Silence and peace reigned. Then he looked up, where the stars hypnotized him. To be precise: Steltzner saw Orion’s Belt. He stared at it for well over half an hour, in amazement. There he stood: a man who was used to sound, music, noise,  suddenly confronted with the meaning of life through the silence.

A few months later, he enrolled at a university to study physics. His adventure had only just begun…

Belt of Orion

Seeing, Thinking, and Speaking Calmly: Nietzsche’s Theory of the Search for the Meaning of Life

There are times when we obviously feel like a lightweight and get carried away by the current. You hardly have the time or opportunity to enjoy the things around you. You don’t let the wind lift you up for a while to get a better view of everything around you. These could be things that get you excited or scared, or even things that don’t matter at all.

Our culture and our education force us into things that fix us: our habits. Some even become addicts who want instant gratification. This is often derived from short-term pleasure. We want everything and still feel empty. We like to be unique and special, but at the same time (and nevertheless) we erase everything that makes us ‘us’.

It is not easy to find the meaning of life in the midst of thoughtlessness and an unsatisfactory way of life. So what Friedrich Nietzsche had to say about this is certainly worthy of note: “To find the meaning of life, you must be able to see, think and speak calmly.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

In  Twilight of the Idols , Nietzsche talked about the one goal every educator should have: to lay the foundations of a so-called “aristocratic culture.” He was not talking about the higher social classes. He just wanted to teach the younger generations a more refined, stricter way of thinking. According to Nietzsche, everyone should make their life into a true masterpiece.

Nietzsche and aristocratic culture

He advised educators to focus on three specific areas:

  • Learn to see what’s happening around you in an unhurried way. Do this without thinking too deeply about this, at least before you’ve looked.
  • Learn to speak and write in the same way. If your eyes can get used to seeing things in a calm way, you should do the same with your writing and speech. This should be calm and should come from your heart.
  • Don’t act purely instinctively. To achieve this, you need to be a balanced and above all  cautious thinker.

Anyone who masters these skills down to the last millimeter (ie anyone who learns to see, think and speak calmly and carefully) will sooner or later find the meaning of life. This will define them and best match their identity.

Seeking the meaning of life

You don’t have to break the soles of your shoes to find the meaning of life

You really don’t have to travel to Tibet to find the meaning of life. You also don’t have to hitchhike around the world with a backpack on your shoulders. Yes, you will definitely gain a lot of experience, but  you probably won’t find the answers you need.

Hakuin, a twelfth century Japanese poet, said that if you don’t know where the truth is, you’ll make the mistake of looking for it… but as far away as possible. That while you can find the secret of all your doubts  within yourself .

That’s why you really don’t have to tear the soles of your shoes to find the meaning of life. It’s about making the mental space for yourself so that you can think about it. How? The following points can help you with that.

Think it over

  • Move yourself more slowly.
  • Make a list of priorities in your life  — and things that fall outside of this category. Or make a list of things that make you happy and what makes you unhappy. Clean up your areas of life.
  • Spend more time on yourself. Look for times of the day where you can be calm and quiet.
  • Rediscover your ability to be fascinated. Be that person who makes themselves look to the stars every night. Allow yourself to appreciate the unusual things that happen in your city. After all, this is the hidden magic of your everyday life!
  • Be aware of the things that bring you happiness,  of things that make you feel good and spark your curiosity. That is where you will find the meaning of life and that which defines you.
Hole cut in the hedge in the shape of a heart

Finally, we would like to point out that our life goals change as we move forward in our lives. It’s perfectly normal and probably all the better because it’s proof that you keep moving. It means growing, reaching new heights, discovering new things and creating new hopes and goals.

Ultimately, living means ‘being in motion’. And if you know how to listen to your inner voice with the calm it deserves,  you will always find the answers you need.

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