Intelligent People Learn From The Mistakes Of Others

Intelligent people learn from the mistakes of others

The idea that we learn from the mistakes we make has become almost an absolute truth, especially if we are constantly observational and analytical, in addition to relying on our intuition. That is why it is said that once we have learned the lesson of the mistake we made, we should not make that mistake again. ‘A donkey doesn’t hit the same stone twice’ and neither do intelligent people. It is therefore quite easy for most of us to see when we ourselves have gone wrong. But what about the mistakes that others make, can we also learn from the mistakes of others?

Our time here on earth is limited and we have too little time to make all the mistakes ourselves. So why not pay attention to the mistakes others make so that we can avoid them ourselves? It is not just a matter of time, but by doing so, we will also be able to avoid the negative consequences of these mistakes ourselves.

Everyone makes mistakes, but few can say sorry

A mistake you don’t learn from is a mistake you keep making

From the moment we are born, we realize more and more that failure is just a way to get to the truth, both on a small scale and on a large scale. In the early years of our lives, we actually fail all the time, and our mistakes have a more intense and lasting aftertaste. As we get older, the consequences of the mistakes we make start to get more complicated, which doesn’t mean the process becomes completely invalid.

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These consequences are also attached to the positive side that we can find in those circumstances. That is, the mistakes that have the most negative consequences are often the mistakes that can transform us the most. In that sense, it’s important to remember that the process of learning to accept the consequences can also carry a great lesson, not just the failure itself.

We learn to put all our negative experiences in a box labeled ‘don’t repeat again’. However, sometimes these erroneous strategies manage to get out of the box. Fortunately, though, while they weren’t successful in some circumstances, they can be in others. We may not be ready to start our own company at 18, but we are at 30. Along the way, we have gained enough experience and learned from the things that our bosses have done right and wrong.

Staying Aware is a Defense Weapon

Someone once said that all people can be divided into three great groups: the first kind are people who process their mistakes; the second kind are people who process not only their own mistakes, but also the mistakes of others; and the last kind are people who never process a mistake.

Of course, it’s best to be of the second kind, especially since this ability ensures that you don’t end up in a pit just to prove it exists. Staying aware of what’s going on around you is a weapon with which to defend yourself and prevent avoidable wounds.

Others can teach us about concrete situations, without having to personally experience them. By using our third eye, we are able to approach others with empathy and humility, without judging or criticizing them. We can also do this sensitively and cautiously, we can further elaborate on the possible consequences that could have occurred if a different option had been chosen.

Eyes That Open And Close

There is always something new to learn

What other reasons might we have to concern ourselves with the behavior of others? Perhaps the most important reason is that there is always something new to learn. In that sense, life is a constant opportunity to learn.

An opportunity that is part of the gifts of life. In addition to the pleasure that is supposed to be only some of us have actually found, it is also a pragmatic and intelligent activity. Perhaps it will not be enough to remove all the obstacles in our way, but it can make us aware of some of these obstacles, allowing us to choose to walk around them.

That is why it is essential to belong to a group of wise people who take full advantage of all the good that life has to offer. Going through life as someone who pays no attention at all to his mistakes or the mistakes of others means that you are not living intelligently at all.

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