Increasing Your Intelligence: 7 Great Tricks To Do That

Increasing your intelligence: 7 great tricks to do that

Increasing your intelligence is always possible. While it is true that we are born with a certain genetic predisposition that makes us tend to be more or less intelligent, it is also certain that the brain is an organ of great flexibility. That means they can change and adapt according to our experiences.

There is no consensus on the definition of intelligence. For some, it’s our ability to learn. For others, our ability to apply knowledge. Perhaps the most universal definition explains intelligence as our ability to find new solutions to old problems. On the other hand, there are several models that explain intelligence more as a collection of multiple forms of intelligence together – emotional intelligence, social intelligence, logical intelligence, etc. – than as a single one.

Intelligence therefore does not only apply to professional activities. Somehow , being more intelligent also helps us be happier. This is because it enables us to handle difficult situations better. It is therefore worth increasing your intelligence. That’s why we share seven tricks to achieve that.

Increase your intelligence by meditating at sunrise

1. Increase your intelligence by meditating

Meditating increases intelligence in that it makes us more attentive and we can better perceive what is happening around us and within us. This is not a simple assumption, but something that is supported by research. In several experiments, using magnetic resonances, it has been shown that the brain works better after doing a meditation session.

There is no worse enemy to the brain than stress. Under these conditions, cortisol is released, a hormone that impairs our ability to concentrate and our memory. Meditation reduces stress. You don’t have to become a monk, it’s good enough if you use every moment that you have to wait a while to do breathing and relaxation exercises. For example, when you stand in line at the cash register or when you are waiting for the bus.

2. Expose yourself to new experiences

Anything new is a stimulus that leads to an increase in intelligence. Novelty creates unprecedented connections in your brain. This is because a thought process has to be carried out in order to take in new information, understand it and assimilate it to what you already know.

A trip, a trip to an unfamiliar place, reading a new book, or experiencing something you don’t often do is great input for your brain. Staying in your comfort zone will only make you lazier.

3. Do regular physical and mental exercises

Exercise supplies the brain with oxygen and improves its functioning. It is also a way to reduce stress and improve mental hygiene. Body and mind are always connected. A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind, able to increase its capacity.

It is also important to perform mental exercises regularly. Try to boost your memory by remembering phone numbers or other facts. It’s good for you to do simple math calculations by heart. Chess, crossword puzzles and other similar games work very positively to increase your intelligence.

Increase your intelligence by walking in nature

4. Learn a new language or play an instrument

Learning a new language is always a big challenge. It is not easy, especially when it comes to a language that is far removed from your mother tongue. But it is precisely this difficulty that makes it an excellent way to increase your intelligence.

When you learn a new language, you use many intellectual functions at the same time. The same thing happens when you learn to play a musical instrument. In both cases there is training of attention, memory, coordination, analogies, etc.

5. Don’t always take the easy way

If we take the easy route, we may save time, but we also contribute to the wasting of some brain capacities. In general, we prefer that everything has a ‘step by step’, that it is not necessary to think about anything, that it is others who think for us.

Perhaps this is true in some situations, but it is also positive if in some cases we choose the more difficult path. Do not look for instructions, but try to draw an inference to arrive at a result. That will make you more creative and intelligent. And it also boosts your confidence.

6. Connect with all kinds of people

Just as it is important to expose yourself to new situations, it is also important to interact with different types of people. Every relationship is a challenge to see, comprehend and understand the other’s point of view and that results in increasing intelligence.

It is worth having friends of different ages, backgrounds, beliefs etc. If you only interact with people who are similar to you, you significantly limit your area of ​​experience. And with this you also impose limits on training your brain.

Increasing intelligence through contact with all kinds of people

7. Rest enough and well

We can never insist too much on something that is clearer every time: rest is just as important or more important than work. Top athletes know this rule very well, as they have to deal with a high fatigue factor at work. The brain always needs breaks to function properly. If there is no rest, we are dealing with a dulled brain that only works half way and reduces its power.

Rest time can be divided into three categories: active breaks during work, the hours in which we sleep and the moments of relaxation. All these aspects are of great importance. Active breaks are a daily protective measure to prevent flattening. Sleep is crucial for the brain so that it can process the information it has absorbed. And free time is absolutely necessary to maintain proper brain function in the long run.

What matters is that you build a lifestyle that allows you to be more attentive and attentive to everything that is happening around you. That also means that you have to do regular exercises to keep your brain functioning properly. This will undoubtedly affect your well-being and your intelligence. 

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