Imagine You Already Have What You Want

Imagine you already have what you want

We all know the feeling of (imminent) overwhelm when we start a new project. We doubt whether things will go well, whether we will turn out to have enough, and whether we will unexpectedly disappoint our loved ones. Such hesitations often arise inwardly, gripping us in their fear-driven critical grip.

No one is exempt from this raw sensation of fear, but courageous people will not be held hostage or limited by it. Ask yourself inside what you want most in and with this life, and fight from now on to actually achieve that visualized ideal.

Surround yourself with positivity, and dare to dream

Before you involuntarily take a step towards the future , imagine what you welcome and invite to it above all. At best, what lies ahead, and why? No matter how long it may take to realize your perfect vision; all that matters is that you put your heart and soul into realizing your greatest existential desire. No matter how tricky or unfeasible it may seem (initially), it’s always worth a try. In fact, there are countless successful actors, athletes, scientists, politicians and other famous figures you might admire yourself who once struggled with the exact same thought: that they would never succeed. And yet their skepticism – all in all – did not win the day.

Have What You Want

These now famous, now celebrated individuals also originally started with nothing, and simply, without guarantees, committed themselves with full dedication and dedication to realize their oh-so-ambitious goals – piece by piece. But before they could even so inspired and fanatically pursue their ultimate scenario, they had to mentally get clear – in their mind’s eye – what their main motivation and most authentic aspirate was. Of course, it’s far from easy to actualize your dreams, but don’t be paralyzed by anxiety-influenced predictions of doom.

Dream big, but take small, manageable steps towards your personal horizon. Be patient, and ask – without feeling burdened – for all the help you can use; those who truly love you will be proud to see you triumph. And if you don’t succeed, they will still show enormous respect and appreciation for you, because you have boldly overcome your doubts. Do you realize that – if dozens of pioneers hadn’t imagined it, pioneering back then – today, as humanity, we probably wouldn’t have the state-of-the-art airplanes that will transport us to all corners of the earth in no time.

If something goes wrong, straighten your back, get up, and keep walking

When you envision your ideal future, you rarely know the (exact) length of the perspective and path stretching out in front of you into the (fading) distance. It will – normally – not just be a ‘prayer without an end’, that is, a very long road, but also one strewn with obstacles. Still, there is no better route description than to simply go for a walk , and cherish every lesson you acquire, foot by foot. Because that is the irreversible sequence: fantasize, then create!

We’ve all heard it many times, the saying, ‘Nobody said – or promised you – it would be easy [this existence, in this world]’. And the fact is that few things just fall into your lap, or are given as a gift. Life lessons received with blood, sweat, and tears make us stronger, and make us appreciate our own effort, displayed. And that zeal, that proven zest for work, is – in terms of experience – perhaps a greater source of satisfaction than the pure performance itself, than the piece of paper, or the price.

Don’t give up, keep fighting with all your might. If you visualize your dream in pin-sharp, flawless detail, you will be more likely to take practical steps forward, even if you sometimes have to swerve to the left or right along the way. Such abruptly required corrective maneuvers are the true test of your talent, and potential. You must be able to make a wise assessment of how much risk you are willing and able to take to reach your destination.

Bring your imagination to life

Now you are ready; you have the necessary awareness, and an adequate reserve of robust willpower. Take the time to continue to develop both intrinsic qualities, based on hope and enthusiasm. Your mental attitude plays a crucial role in this process: if you visualize the finish line from the start, your actions will harmoniously and functionally align with it. Enjoy the journey, and the people you meet along the way, and never forget the power and power of your imagination, and its far-reaching effect on your thinking, actions and returns.

Have What You Want

From this reflection, take a step forward, even if nothing more frightens you. For as soon as you take this step, and even in taking that step , you will feel proud and liberated, and be able to laugh heartily at your just surpassed old ‘I’, who was just as afraid to move. to walk past and through its own shadow.

You are already one leg closer to your so ardently desired performance; the key is to keep looking ahead, and faithfully following your path. And when you least expect it – without having to think about it or think about it, you will spontaneously take great strides forward. Because you dare to listen to the voice, and calling, of your heart. This is your life, for which you have worked so diligently!

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