If You Don’t Take Care Of Yourself, Nobody Will

If you don't take care of yourself, no one will

Obviously people like to be around people. We want others to love us, take care of us, and want to spend some of their time with us. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a fundamental need. What is necessary is that we take care of ourselves, that we love ourselves and that we are happy for and with ourselves.

No one is really indispensable when it comes to our ability to be happy or feel fulfilled, although we often think they are. In fact, what others give us is completely dependent on their willingness to give. It is a voluntary act, which is even more enriching when it is not expected. Those who want to be around us will be around us and will take care of us without us having to ask.

Existence has no substitutes

We are all unique and special. Each of us has different emotions, experiences and ways of interpreting life. And so only we ourselves can determine what we are and what we feel. For example, if we want to be taken care of, we must first learn to take care of ourselves.

Bucay said no one can grow for us and he was right. No one, no matter how much he loves us, will be able to walk our way for us. Our greatest hopes and challenges should therefore only point in one direction: inward.

In this regard, there are an awful lot of opportunities ahead of us that we may well take advantage of, as well as an awful lot of decisions that we still have to make. Taking care of ourselves means being aware of what can happen to us at any moment. Maintaining inner balance is only dependent on ourselves.


The importance of taking care of ourselves so that we can then take care of others

Even if we lose our inner balance and then have to fight against certain setbacks, we will have many people to fall back on. But we can’t count on this, because it doesn’t always have to be the case. Someone we thought would be there for us may not be there. And some we didn’t expect will surprise us. We cannot therefore simply rely on the strength of the people who accompany us. We can count on our own strength. 

For example, sometimes we have to say goodbye to someone and think we won’t be able to move on. We simply cannot grasp the idea that we must be there for ourselves before we can be there for others. This ensures that we experience a certain form of dependence. However, this dependence is nothing more than an illusion, a mirage. We will always find a way out and we will always be there for ourselves.

Loving Yourself

Our loved ones enrich our lives, but we live for ourselves

Taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves seems to make others want to do the same voluntarily. It makes us feel that everything is much easier. The truth is that our loved ones make our lives better, but in the end we are alone. We are all alone when it comes to deciding what we want to do with what life gives us.

Love, friendship and family give us the warmth we sometimes need and carry us through difficult times. However, if there is no inner warmth, you will probably still experience cold inside. It is good to understand that the time given to us belongs only to us and no one else. The same goes for deciding how we will use this time.

If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will. Each of us has an obligation to develop and grow our inner self. We must fulfill our dreams and overcome our adversities. We should strive for things that make us happy and then decide to share our happiness with someone who has proven that they actually want this privilege.

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