I Listen To Everyone, But In The End I Decide For Myself

I listen to everyone, but in the end I decide for myself

There are some songs that say that life can be better understood with a nice cup of coffee and a few good friends, perhaps because it is in these kinds of situations that the best conversations arise and the best advice is given. When I have to make an important decision myself, those cups of coffee are even a true source of energy. While enjoying a cup of coffee, I listen to my friends, although in the end I just make up my own mind.

And by ‘sitting over a cup of coffee’ I really mean any intimate moment you have with the people you care about. Connecting with the people who are important to you is incredibly good for your emotional health and can help you cope better with those difficult situations that you face in everyday life. 

Giving your inner self the opportunity to expose yourself to the people in your closest circle of friends offers several benefits, especially if you find yourself in awkward situations where you are completely confused. There will be a lot of difficult roads before you, and it offers a lot of stability not to have to walk these roads alone.

Listening helps you see what you didn’t see before

The greatest benefit of being heard is being able to listen from a different perspective. Your problems overwhelm you, put pressure on you and burden you with responsibility, so that someone else’s point of view can be helpful when you don’t know it all yourself.

Listen Decide

Imagine that you have a job and that you also like this job. Still, there are some reasons why you might leave your job, such as being closer to your family. In this situation, you are offered another job that has absolutely nothing to do with what you want to do, but which does give you the opportunity to be closer to your loved ones. What choice would you make then?

It is extremely difficult to be in the middle of such a situation and to really understand the consequences of each choice. That’s why you turn to the people who are always there for you and tell them everything. They can then share their perspective on the matter with you, point out pros and cons that you might have overlooked, and ultimately you can make a choice based on this.

Other people can influence your decisions

Any time you make a decision, there is a possibility that you will go astray, as change always comes with the risk that you will lose something, and this is something that unfortunately you just have to accept. The more a problem will tarnish your view of things, the more you will need the strength and wisdom of other people.

How often have you needed a listening ear, when you were really only looking for the strength to make a choice, to make a decision. I decide for myself, yes, but still sometimes I need a push, a hug, words of support, or someone to tell me no matter what happens.

That is, other people can influence your final choice, because above all, their caring advice reminds you that they love you, and that they are only trying to help you find the best for yourself.

I decide myself, because in the end I am the one who has to deal with the consequences

Behind the whole idea of ​​’listening to everyone, but ultimately deciding for yourself’ is the reality that one’s life decisions can depend on more than one person, but you will always be the one facing the consequences.

Listen Decide

It is, as I said before, very good to ask others to share their point of view with you, but in the end we are the only ones who have to vouch for our actions. No one but you is responsible for anything that only affects you and your life, no one but you is responsible for the mistakes your decisions involve, and no one but you will have to bear the weight of the path you choose.

With all this information in mind, it’s important not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to listen to another person just because you disagree with them, or because you don’t think their opinion is meant to be kind. It’s good to be open to other perspectives, as long as you don’t completely lose your own perspective. You know what you need and how to get it for yourself. You can only live for yourself, decide for yourself and act for yourself.

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