I Finally Understand What Emotional Intelligence Is

I finally understand what emotional intelligence is

Perhaps it would be pretentious for someone to say ‘I think I finally understand what emotional intelligence is’. Perhaps because emotional intelligence or the positively and effectively deal with our feelings and emotions is a long road that never ends.

While it is true that some people are better able to deal with problems and emotions, no one has to accept that emotional intelligence is unattainable.

Emotional intelligence can be learned

Perhaps that person who seems so positive, who knows how to solve his problems in an exemplary way, had no choice but to teach this to himself. Life has placed him before hot fires, with no choice but to confront them. Problems he needed to understand…


However, each of us has this in them, often without knowing it. We simply have to get started. We need to read about emotional intelligence, observe others and learn from those who have already developed their emotional intelligence. So rest assured, emotional intelligence can be learned. You just have to really want it.

Once this happens, as soon as we know that we are slowly but surely realizing what emotional intelligence is all about, we start to see things differently. We get angry less often, we don’t cry about nonsensical things. It feels like we’ve climbed the stairs to heaven, just like the title of a beautiful song that every one of us knows.

How to achieve emotional intelligence: four golden rules

Just as it takes years and a lot of effort to develop a fit body or graduate, it takes time to develop emotional intelligence. How can we learn it?

  • Surround yourself with emotional intelligence people. Everything in this life is spreading. If we surround ourselves with emotionally intelligent people, we will become more emotionally intelligent ourselves. Give it a try!
  • Learn from the elderly. Older people are a source of wisdom. They have been through a lot and know what life is all about. It is therefore no surprise that in many cultures and civilizations, the elderly are still consulted by the young.
  • Learn at your own pace. Of course you would like to have all emotional intelligence in one fell swoop, but everyone learns at their own pace. So don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Think about limiting situations in your life and what you would do in these cases. What would you do if you didn’t have a job? How would you act if you saw that you had no choice but to sleep on the street and in a somewhat unsafe neighborhood? Think as much as you want. In this way you can remove the fear that comes with many everyday things. Things you couldn’t confront before because you didn’t think about them emotionally intelligently before.

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