I Can’t! The Fear Of Failure

I can not do it!  The fear of failure

More and more people fear that they will not achieve success  and that they will not be at the top of their professional or private lives. This way of thinking ensures that these people are robbed of the pleasures and daily challenges that life offers.

The way we face challenges and difficult situations in life shapes our character and therefore our ultimate destiny.

For example, in a situation that is new to us, which can be quite risky, if  we turn our attention to our fear of failure, this will certainly make us insecure and lacking in facilities. In addition, our way of acting can also lead to this. However, several studies show that a positive mental attitude is the most important element in achieving personal success. Let’s see how we can make use of this knowledge.


Being in good shape mentally

Being emotionally in good shape means feeling safe even in the most difficult of situations. What does this mean? It refers to the way we interpret certain situations and the value we place on what is happening around us, the way we express our emotions and how we act.

A winning mindset is primarily based on ability: the ability to always be able to amplify the meaning behind any situation. The question we must ask ourselves in order to cope with any event in our lives is: how can I achieve my goal?

The difference between success and failure

The difference between success and failure is the ability to turn a difficult situation into reinforcing provisions.

Fear is one of people’s basic feelings, but we should not allow the fear of failure and the insecurity it creates to block our ability to solve problems.

The path to self-realization is full of failures. However, it is precisely the difficult experiences that enable us to experience the most important changes and developments.

The winners in life all have one thing in common and this is not a lack of obstacles and difficulties in their path. It is that these people know how to take advantage of any situation to grow, improve and come to a new level.


The fear of failure and the fear of taking risks

The fear of failure usually causes people to avoid taking risks and all too often these people are not even willing to figure out where the limits of their own possibilities lie. They only want to do the minimum necessary to achieve a good enough level of well-being and protection.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow described ‘security’ as one of the primary needs of humans and stated that it is part of our natural instinct to want to protect and preserve what we have. Be careful though, security can sometimes deceive us: it can limit our choices and, as a result, our actions.

To achieve any goal, a certain amount of risk must always be taken. Only by learning to control the fear of failure will the chances of getting what we want increase. Every fear is an opportunity to grow.

Fear arises in our minds

It is said that during a game of chess, the fear of attacking is always stronger than the attack itself. Our imagination has a strong ability to increase our fear of failure.

However, fear is also useful: it warns us of danger. But it is not functional if it blocks us from moving forward towards a particular goal. If we are controlled by the fear of failure, then we are unlikely to be able to act freely and effectively

Life is waiting for us and no one can live our life for us. If we really want to change, if we are willing to stop avoiding failure and risk, then we can be happy.

We can change our ways of thinking and the dysfunctional behaviors that hinder us from achieving our goals. All we have to do is stop running, stop procrastinating and stop making excuses.

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