I Can’t Do Everything. I’m Tired Of Being Tired

I can't do everything.  I'm tired of being tired

I can’t do everything. Because sometimes it gets too much for me. I have too few hands, too few eyes or too little time for everything and everyone… I’m tired of being tired.

But it’s true: I can’t do everything. It is healthy to recognize what my limits are. In addition, it is healthy to see that I also need time for myself and that I have the right to say ‘I can’t anymore.’

Many of us get to a point where we are tired of being tired. Life can be overwhelming. At that moment, not only is their body empty, but two evil voices are fighting in their minds. The first voice does nothing but shout ‘You can’t stop now. There is still so much to do’. Meanwhile, the other voice insists, ‘But suppose I can’t do it anymore’ .

It’s not enough to roar ‘Let it go ‘  from the movie Frozen or take a night off. Disconnecting from everything for a few hours and fantasizing that you are the last person on earth, that you are finally alone and that there is nothing that needs your immediate attention will not be enough.

These are just plasters on a deeper wound. They stop the bleeding, but don’t fix the problem.

Because there is a kind of exhaustion that betrays the presence of underlying stress and anxiety. We can no longer think clearly and become ill.

Man bent over exhausted from running

I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of not being able to handle life

We give an example. Caroline works from nine to five every day. After work, she takes care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s.

Every month she saves part of her wages so that she can pay for her little sister’s studies. She keeps this a secret from her husband who is currently unemployed.

Caroline wants the best for everyone. She wants to take care of her mother as best she can, give her sister a good future and keep up appearances in her marriage.

But Caroline’s physical and mental exhaustion is extreme. Some days she considers other choices. Maybe she can pay someone to help her care for her mother. But that would mean she can’t save to pay for her sister’s studies.

The brain looks for alternatives. The frontal lobes carry out this sophisticated planning, these reflections and analysis. But when you don’t find suitable solutions, your primitive brain kicks into action.

Then we feel paralyzed. The chemistry in our brain changes and we feel trapped. So we think ‘It doesn’t matter what I do. Everything will go wrong anyway.’

Our heartbeat speeds up, the hormones get out of balance and the fear devil takes over. It destroys everything and fatigue seeps into every cell of our being.

Girl whose face leaves her face

I can’t do everything but that’s OK

“I have so much to do, I don’t even know where to start, but if I don’t start now, it will get worse later.” “My boss will fire me if I don’t finish this.” ‘My parents will be mad if I don’t visit…’

If we look at the language, we see a pattern in which ‘if…then’ keeps coming back: If I don’t do this, it will happen…

When you live your life based on worst-case scenarios, you strain your mind and destroy your energy. It’s that simple. Accept that you can’t do everything. That’s healthy. Because if you try to take everything on your shoulders, sooner or later you will collapse.

Take a look at the following suggestions and examine your heart in a sincere and honest way.

Woman colorfully decorated with body paint holding a lotus between her hands

Are you tired of being tired? Then it’s time to change your focus

Sometimes it’s hard to admit this. But we fall into our own trap. It is dangerous to say to ourselves ‘I can do anything’. It is a mistake that we can correct by changing our thinking patterns:

  • Every day when you get up, remember this simple sentence: I will do the best I can given the resources I have and how I feel.
  • Avoid the pitfalls in your language or in your thoughts. Instead of saying or thinking I am not good enough, I will have to work harder to do everything’ , say or think ‘I will give the best of myself every day and every moment, but without neglecting myself’ .
  • When you notice that your body can no longer do it… despite you getting enough sleep, analyze your thoughts. Because sometimes we discourage ourselves and our thoughts, “I will not”, “I do nothing good” , which deplete us.

One last but important note

It is essential that you take care and pay attention to your circadian or daily rhythms and routines. Take regular breaks and set aside a few hours a day for yourself. That doesn’t mean you give less to others or let someone down. It is healthy and necessary.

Having the courage to say out loud “I can’t do everything” won’t be the end of the world. The stars will still be in the sky. And it’s not that all flowers will wither and die.

If you have the guts to stop trying to do everything, then that will be OK. 

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