I Can’t Change The Past, But I Can Change The Present

I can't change the past, but I can change the present

Some people focus on the past, which prevents them from striving for a better future. The past can hurt, but it cannot be changed, as much as we would like to. That is why it is important that in life we ​​enjoy the ‘here and now’ and that we live in the present, so that we can find the way to happiness.

Consciousness is in the here and now

To live in the present moment, you should consciously focus on the here and now. You will not worry about the future, nor will negative feelings from the past prevent you from moving forward. Living in the present means focusing completely on what is happening to you right now.

The past and the future are like illusions. They move into your mind. However, the past no longer exists and the future is yet to come. The truth is that tomorrow never really comes, as it is simply a concept we use to control the passing of time. The time is always now, this exact moment.

If you live in the present, make peace with your past and don’t try to control your future, you will move into an environment of acceptance. You will begin to accept life as it is now. Not how you wanted it to be.

When you live in acceptance, you will see things for what they are. You will be able to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past and you will be able to find peace in your heart knowing that what needs to be done will happen.

Sometimes it’s hard to live in the present

Some people experience deep fears because they keep looking back on their lives or because they can’t stop predicting the future. But the main reason people find it hard to live in the present is that we never stop talking or thinking. We are constantly talking about ourselves. We find it difficult to listen to anything but our own thoughts…and so we forget to connect with reality.

We love to make up stories, to tell them and to listen to the stories of others so that we can compare theirs with our own. This is not a bad thing. In a sense, life is nothing more than many stories strung together. It becomes problematic when we feel the need to make up stories about everything and confuse it with real life. Reality is not a concept. The reality is now. When we see this, our hearts will be filled with peace.

Tied up

Free yourself from the past and live now

The worst thing about living in the past or constantly thinking about the future is that you reject your own inner strength. And if you never return to the present, you will reject your life. You will work against your ability to create and you will forget that you are the only one who has the ability to shape your life, something that greatly benefits your emotional well-being.

If you need to change something to make your life better, don’t delay; change it now. Only when you start moving forward will you find your way. If you’re living in the past, you should know by now that there’s nothing you can do to change it. And if you’re only worried about the future, then you know there’s nothing you can do to improve it unless you do it now, right now. If you want to be at peace with your past and move towards a better future, accept the reality you find yourself in today.

It seems difficult to live in the present moment, but you simply have to let go of the chains of the past and stop predicting what the future will bring. Work on the present and the past will be nothing more than loving memories; work on the present and the future will simply be the path you now follow.

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