I Am The Garden That Grows In Me

I am the garden that grows in me

Today I choose to take care of myself. Finally, I choose to be strong and give voice to my desires, to erect walls as a protection against my vulnerabilities, against people who keep me from my essence. I am my attitude; I am the garden that grows in me, which I have to take care of every day.

When was the last time you made yourself a priority? I know, it’s not easy, nor does it always seem like the right thing to do. After all, how can we provide for our own needs when we have families, friends, jobs and responsibilities that demand a lot from us? But whether you believe it or not, it is really necessary. And no one is selfish because he takes care of the garden that grows inside him.

It’s amazing how every day we forget to take care of ourselves. And that despite this, others still think we’re selfish: because we’re not home enough, because we don’t do what they want us to do, because we don’t say what they want us to say.

But if we don’t learn to prioritize the right way, if we don’t choose what things are and aren’t worth our time, life can get pretty complicated. However, those around us should also realize that… each of us needs time to ourselves. Everyone must take care of their inner world, in which we can find protection, strength and security. Only when we achieve inner happiness will we be able to give the best of ourselves to the people we love.

I am the garden that grows in me


You are a garden made of colors that sometimes fade and wither. You are strong, but you have forgotten your essence, your pillars of strength, because your roots have been poisoned by the rush, the fear, the worry and maybe even other people that keep you from being yourself.

If you choose to take care of yourself, if you decide to take a step towards your inner world, then it is time to free yourself from those outer layers that keep you from growing, breathing and growing. rays of happiness.

How can you do this? It seems easy to say and even recommend that ‘you should take care of yourself’ , but we are not talking about preventing a cold, reducing back pain or soothing a sore stomach. We’re talking about the existential emptiness that keeps us from being happy, that keeps us from being ourselves. So learn in this article how to develop your inner ‘garden’ so that you can restore your balance.

1. Moments of calm, solitude and silence

To take care of yourself, you should first pay attention to yourself. No one can better listen to what you need, what hurts you and what takes you away from your core than yourself.

During the day, seek moments of calm where you can be peaceful, listen to your inner voice and turn off all the noise of your worries and what others are saying.

You should pause every now and then. To do this, it’s best to find a quiet area and just relax. Regulate your breathing and little by little follow that zigzagging path that will lead you to your heart. Ask yourself what is happening, what you need, what you want and what you are missing.


2. Learn to be free in your thoughts and free from that which keeps you away from yourself

Your inner garden wants to grow, but there are things in your life that can stop it. First, you should find out if there is something in you that makes you put up walls.

Try not to worry about things that are not important. Don’t value people who obscure your life and pay no attention to their criticism, because this says nothing about you. Do not give strength to people who harm you and do not be their victims: free yourself.

You are the one who directs your life and as such you have to grab the wheel every day. Learn to fight for what you want and focus all your efforts on this: to get simple, pure and genuine happiness, where you have people you really love.

Live with strength, make your way and free yourself from the chains of people who try to trap you with their selfishness and emotional emptiness.

3. Enrich your life by looking for things that define you and make you feel alive

Life is a learning process. It is experiencing and enjoying the shared knowledge of humanity and nature. Find your passion and follow the path that goes with it. Take daily hope from the things that enlighten you inside and let them give you a reason to feel useful and competent.

Don’t forget to promote your social relationships as people are a great source of knowledge. Develop your inner garden by learning something new every day. Enrich yourself so that you can grow, so that you can be emotionally and mentally free.

Few things are as beautiful as seeing the world through the curious eyes of a child and enjoying life with the passion of an adult who feels free, who takes care of himself because he knows that his inner happiness is his strength. is to help those around him.


–Images courtesy of Marie Deschams, Art 3D Devianart–

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