How Does The Mind Of A Corrupt Person Work?

In the mind of a corrupt person, other people are either a means of profit or an obstacle. They are people who do not feel part of humanity, but rather try to attack this humanity. This behavior is due to their self-centeredness and lack of perspective.
How does the mind of a corrupt person work?

Strangely enough, the mind of a corrupt person is not a dark, unreadable sewer. Facts show that many people whom we consider ‘successful’ in all areas are corrupted within.

In fact, they’re the kind of people that many corporations or political parties want on their boards because they have “that certain something” that allows them to get away with things other people wouldn’t.

Psychologist Jean Twenge, author of the book Generation Me , says the minds of corrupt people are inhabited by a fascination with who they are. They are people who ‘like to get to know themselves’. They are very adaptive, mainly because of their lack of ethics. In addition, they are also sought after in positions of power, especially during the last 40 years or so.

In the mind of a corrupt person, the insecurities that so many other people have are simply not there. Nor do they harbor pessimism. They are particularly triumphant because a kind of self-cult has developed in recent decades. This makes their selfishness and lack of conscientious objection somewhat tolerated.

How does the mind of a corrupt person work

Natural Selfishness and Ethics

According to psychologist Luis Fernández, professor of psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela and author of the book Psychology of Corruption and the Corrupt , every human being is born with a seed of evil.

He says if we get the chance, we’ll break the rules without a problem. And when we reach a position of power, we will use it for our own personal gain.

It is no less true, however, that there is a distance between that kind of psychological economy that leads us to seek the easiest paths and the lack of scruples in the mind of a corrupt person.

Obviously we were born without ethics. Or rather, the only “ethics” possible at birth is to satisfy our needs and desires without there being an a priori reason not to use others as mere tools.

We form and cultivate ethics in accordance with intelligence and culture. Training leads to the insight that we achieve more when we stop acting selfishly and start working as part of a team. We learn this early in life through games and family interaction.

From that moment it is not that we do not know that some actions individually useful are . We simply learn to see other people as part of the human landscape we inhabit.

We understand that we need each other. Why? Because without the help of others we wouldn’t even have survived birth, and we couldn’t survive the discomfort of illness, old age, or any other frailty.

The mind of a corrupt person

We do not learn to take constructive attitudes toward others without the love and devotion of imperfect adults who are generous and understanding enough to convey the message of civilization to those around them.

Ethics is something we learn in our minds, but it also has strong roots in love and affection. In the mind of a corrupt person, there are no such references. They build their lives around fighting for what they consider essential to them. It’s like a fight against the world for survival.

Breaking the rules is like a test for them to prove their skills and they feel the need to do it again and again. They actually make it into a kind of game, because taking advantage of others is a way of validating oneself.

Corrupt people see no benefit in respecting other people; they view them as an obstacle. In fact, in their minds or hearts they have absolutely no idea of ​​other people.

They crave power and money because that creates the illusion that they have some sort of control over the world. They don’t care at all if they have snoops instead of friends or if they have possessions instead of meaning in life. Their aim is to bless, even if it is in a meaningless way.

A passing triumph

The mind of a corrupt person is very flexible and works perfectly as long as there is a context in which they can break the norms. They create constant crises for their families, the companies where they work and the society in which they live. They don’t care at all. But sooner or later they make a mistake and that will be their downfall.

Corrupt people carry within them the seeds of their own destruction; the belief that they are invulnerable. Their egocentrism prevents them from making an objective evaluation of reality. Sooner or later this will turn into a strategic mistake. At that point they will become the subject of collective contempt and their loneliness will be apparent to all.

The question that remains is why do people tolerate corrupt people around them. Society often thinks there is nothing they can do about it. But even in these cases, sooner or later this feeling of helplessness can turn into active indignation that can collectively set limits on what these types of people can achieve.

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