Happiness Is A State, Not An Obligation

Happiness is a state, not an obligation

Being optimistic is a very useful trait that can help us cope better with the challenges that life sometimes throws at us. However, being optimistic is not enough. Neither exaggerated optimism nor exaggerated pessimism is desirable. And it seems in our contemporary society as if the dictatorship of euphoria shames the people who don’t join it.

In this article, therefore, we will try to understand how to distinguish the dictatorship of happiness from the democratic existence of various emotions, including happiness.

Happiness and advertising

Happiness is a product that is widely advertised. Commercials tell us exactly what to buy, what to do, which self-help books to read to be happy. Only beautiful, healthy and happy people can be seen in magazines, and only these people are successful.

These beautiful, happy and always smiling people make us feel bad about ourselves. The magazines they appear in make us want to buy, do and say what they do so that we can be happier ourselves.

Being Happy No Obligation

What is the right balance? Well, how about simply buying what we need and what suits our character and within our budget? It’s about learning to be content despite all the messages telling you that you are not enough. Many of these unhealthy ‘beauty’ messages have led to disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Let us not allow this to happen to the image of happiness as well. Let’s live our lives naturally.

Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have problems

Happiness is a state, a current, a moment that life can offer us at any time and under different circumstances. To think that happy moments can only happen in ideal circumstances is to deny the magnificence of a rainy day, days that are gray and slightly unpleasant, but also very hypnotic at the same time.

You don’t know when a happy moment will arise or when an unwanted situation will turn into a happy moment. What is certain is that an open attitude will help you not to miss out on anything positive.

The happiness that accepting all your emotions offers

Today, more than ever, we are prone to diagnosing our emotions. When we experience sad emotions, these emotions are seen as unbearable and we want to keep them as far away from ourselves as possible. When we experience happy emotions, we want to stimulate and exhaust these emotions at all costs, completely ignoring the basic properties of emotions: emotions are usually very intense and also only temporary.

We want our minds to store only the positive and drive out the negative altogether. How then can you distinguish between a pleasant state of mind and a state of mind that is not pleasant? What would have happened to our existence if we had not remembered a single negative memory throughout history?  How could we as humans ever have evolved?

We must examine ourselves as complex beings, capable of harboring multiple emotions. Letting all the emotions come to you and let them embrace you is the only way to live life to the fullest.

Being Happy No Obligation

Self-imposed happiness without ideals equals hopelessness

There are no battles or dreams that do not involve dedication or sacrifice. Yet we see some dreams that get us excited and motivated simply as part of our journey.

However, sometimes we have to leave behind certain things that mean a lot to us in order to achieve more important goals. That is, it is more than logical to want to pass your test as well as to go wild in the evening. These kinds of sacrifices are usually not that overwhelming. However, when we have to sacrifice time that we could have spent with our loved ones, it can cause us a lot of anxiety and discomfort.

We can choose to always be happy, and in the service of this happiness give up goals that we can already know will be difficult to achieve. This obsessive pursuit of happiness, to always feel good, does not equate to good mental health at all. As humans, we also need stress, disappointment, and uncertainty in our lives.

Feeling good has become a cultural norm that can make us lose our minds. However, someone who hopes and makes an effort to make an ideal a reality will be much better able to deal with discomfort than someone who assumes that happiness is an essential condition. An existence that, because of the urge to be happy all the time, may already have lost its true essence and meaning.

Accept yourself without reservation

We are all born with at least a touch of unconditional self-love. Over the years, however, life seems to wear off this protective layer of self-esteem in many peopleā€¦ Read more.

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