Handling Problems We Can’t Solve

Dealing with problems we can't solve

A problem is a situation that requires a solution. And we know that  for all problems there is a solution, we just need to find it. This may not be easy, but we know it’s there and it can be important not to lose hope as we look for it.

And what if there is no solution?

If we encounter a problem that we cannot solve, then by definition it is not a problem. We are probably talking about a truth. That is, life. Life often surprises us with unexpected situations, the kind that don’t require a solution, because it can only be solved with acceptance of life as it is. We must learn to live with these situations.

How many solutions are there?

If we have to face a problem for which we have to find a solution, we have to be creative, because there are millions of possible solutions, as many as we can think of and combine.

Searching for the right solutions requires openness, receptivity and creativity when looking for a solution that we hadn’t thought of before. While we may not find the perfect solution, there are other possibilities that sufficiently solve the problem.

Two people who ignore each other and don't handle problems well

There are problems that we can get stuck in and it becomes our shadow… A shadow that we can’t push away or destroy, a shadow like rain on a windy day.

Dealing with problems: how can we find the best solution?

When a  problem worries us so much that we become obsessed with it, we are unable to look further and find the best solution. It is as if there is a veil over our eyes that prevents us from seeing further and it also hinders our way of thinking.

That is why it is necessary to distance ourselves from the problem and look at the problem from a different point of view, in a different way than we are used to.

To do this, we must strengthen our way of thinking creatively and be open and receptive to new perspectives on the situation. This opens up new possibilities and new boundaries – and new solutions.

To give it space, it is necessary to open our minds, revitalize the problem from the standpoint that it has a solution, and remain calm and emotionally balanced when confronting the problem.

Different ways to distance yourself

  1. Use visualization techniques. Imagine that the problem is not in your head, but in front of you. This way you feel less pressure, but only the responsibility to solve the problem and the security that there is a solution. In this way we can present it in a different way, in a different form, and we can look for other, creative solutions.
  2. Another way to mentally solve the problem is to write in the “stream-of-consciousness” way, writing whatever comes to mind, without interruptions, without to think about it. Suggesting and writing down solutions can help us see new things. Writing these things down gives us the opportunity to go back and read them. We can think about our possibilities in a different way, juxtapose and compare them, evaluate them and propose the possible solution and find out what the best solution is.
  3. To increase our creativity, it is good  to stay informed and to listen to advice and experience from others who have been through something similar. This advice and experience can help us move in a new direction.
  4. Go on a journey, break the silence and give yourself some physical space. Sometimes taking physical distance helps to take emotional distance from the problem. Getting out of your daily routine helps if you’ve decided that you need to mentally distance yourself from the problem. If you don’t have this setting, it doesn’t matter how many miles you are from the problem. You will always carry it with you. However, if you have the attitude to look at the problem from a different angle and get away from it for a while, it helps us take real distance. It also gives us some distance from stressful situations that prevent us from finding the solution. 

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