Guilt And Worry Are Useless Emotions

Guilt and worry are useless emotions

Our lives are often full of guilt and worry, two emotions that do not add anything good to our lives, but which we often give much more importance to than we should.

We often feel guilty about the things we’ve done, things we’re not happy with now that we know the consequences they’ve caused. At the same time, we worry about what we could and should do, often to the point that it prevents us from taking action.

However, do you know what you are missing out on by giving so much importance to these two emotions?

We know that we cannot completely avoid guilt and worry. However, it is important to be aware of how much energy and time you are wasting on these two ultimately useless emotions.

Useless emotions can immobilize you

Both guilt and worry immobilize you and at the same time cause you to lose a lot of time. Both cause you to miss the present moment. Guilt makes you lose time thinking about something that has already happened and unfortunately cannot be resolved. And worrying keeps you motionless, standing still, contemplating a future that is yet to come, but which always creates a lot of fear in you.

Feeling bad about yourself or worrying about yourself won’t change something that’s already happened or something that’s yet to come. So why do we value these two emotions so much? Why do we keep making them so important, when we’ve known for a long time that they can’t add anything positive to our lives?

Everyone is affected by these two emotions. You can find depressed and pessimistic people everywhere who constantly feel guilty about things they did in the past and worry about things that haven’t happened yet.

To care

You are probably no exception to this group. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to identify these emotions, to become aware of them and try to reduce their presence. In this way you can prevent the consequences that these emotions can have, such as fear, for example.

Anxiety is a manifestation of guilt and worry. It makes you feel miserable and hopeless and at the same time you become obsessed with something that has already happened or something that could happen.

Learn from the past, give your future a new direction

Once we have identified these emotions in ourselves, once we are aware of the feeling they give us and the fact that they can do nothing more for us than cause us fear, it is time to try to come up with a solution for these emotions. .

Guilt should not haunt us, but rather make us aware of the opportunity to learn from a mistake we have made in the past. This will help ensure that we don’t fall into the same trap again and again, that we make progress and keep moving forward in our lives.

No one is free from guilt. We all make mistakes sometimes. However, don’t think this is something negative! Not even at all. Making mistakes makes us better people, as long as we see these mistakes as an opportunity for personal development, an opportunity to grow.

Looking forward

In the case of worry, becoming obsessed with what might happen in the future really doesn’t do us any good. It is only when the moment arrives that we should act and see how the situation plays out.

Thinking about what could happen before it even happens is useless. In the end, everything can turn out very differently than you initially expected. This can of course be both positive and negative. Surely you can think of a time when things didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would.

The past cannot be modified; the future is still on the way. Therefore, we should be willing to face our past and future in a different way. No one says you shouldn’t feel these feelings, but you can learn from them.

We are all emotional beings who need to learn to deal with their feelings in such a way that we can benefit from them. Even the most negative event can be an opportunity to learn and become a better person.

So don’t cut yourself off or put too much stress on yourself by blaming or worrying about something you can’t change. Done things never change and we will never know what will happen until it happens.

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