Good Things Come To Those Who Are Patient

Good things come to those who are patient

Good things come to those who wait, those who know the value of patience, those who achieve their achievements through dedication, effort, and endurance. Anything that requires moderation causes a halo of enthusiasm and hope to shine over us.

I like people who know that between ‘sowing and reaping’ there is a lot of ‘praying and waiting’ . Indeed, it is essential to be strong when faced with despair, not to become confused when faced with the uncertainty of not knowing when the things we long for will actually come to us.

Remember that spring always returns

I can remember that my father once needed wood for the fireplace during the winter. So he went in search of a dead tree and chopped it into pieces. During the spring, however, he looked sadly at the withered trunk of the tree and saw new twigs growing from it. At that moment my father said:

“I was sure that tree was dead. He had lost all his leaves during the winter. It looked so cold that all the branches had broken and fallen to the ground, as if there was no life left in the trunk at all. However, now I see that there was still life in it.”

He turned to me and said, “Never forget this lesson. Never cut down a tree during the winter. Never make a negative decision during unfavorable periods. Never make important decisions when your mood is at its worst. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. Remember that spring will always return.”

Birds and Flowers

Everything happens, everything passes, everything changes

Every reward will come one day; time causes the doors to the unwanted to close, helping us to counteract fear and awaken hope in us. Therefore, at some point, the time will come when new desires will awaken in you and something positive will take place in your life again.

You may have heard someone say something similar to this statement: “Don’t make the mistake of making permanent decisions because of temporary emotions.” This statement reminds us of the value of patience, the ability to calm ourselves and take the time to put things into perspective.

Because if we act without waiting for the right moment, we are likely to cause our own setbacks, which will make us collapse and make it very difficult for us to find hope in our own emotional debris.


Working on your patience and getting to know yourself

Knowing how to wait requires patience to get to know yourself, to reflect longer, and to be sure of yourself. These are aspects that we should support if we are to be able to view the world with greater understanding and sanity.

Patience, then, is a gift that requires knowledge of impulsiveness and thoughtlessness. Only through patience can we achieve the things we desire without compromising too much. However, what can we do to develop our patience, to be more careful, and to learn to wait?


Deep breathing in and out is always a good tool to help us reflect on certain things. Let’s say we give our inner dialogue a kind of pause with this.

Find out why you need to rush and be impatient

Think about the reason that caused you to act impulsively and impatiently. Organize your time and give yourself new priorities. This will help you get to know yourself and calm you down during tough times.

Find out which things or people strengthen your impatience

Sometimes people or situations around us create conflicts in us that cause us to act without thinking. Think about this and try to remember it.

Is your impatience useful? Is it right?

Answer these two questions with complete sincerity and calmly look for patterns of behavior that repeat themselves and make it impossible for you to do the right thing.

Take your time and expect the unexpected

There is a quote from Jeff Foster that sums up this idea well: “No matter how ‘bad’ stories get, you are always urged to slow down, breathe and stop trying to solve everything, to escape your own conclusions. Breathe in and out again…”

The gift of developing patience requires moderation, just like any other form of learning. That is why we must practice tolerance when we read the book of our own life, when we write and rewrite, when we enjoy every memory and every new smile.

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