Friendly Children Become Friendly Adults

Friendly children become friendly adults

The difference between children and adults is innocence. Both do evil, but children do this without being aware of the consequences and without accepting the price for their actions. However, this is not always the case for adults. We are aware of the damage our actions will cause, and yet this does not stop us from carrying them out.

Most children have some innate disposition to care about others, especially their family. They are born with a kind of kindness, a certain sense of helpfulness and altruism that no one has taught them. It is in the hands of their caregivers to ensure that this predisposition remains when they lose some of their innocence, which is a logical and natural process.

How do you prevent a child from losing his kindness

Transmitting Tolerance and Patience

One of the most important things about raising children without frustration is patience. It is important that we calmly show our children what to do or what is expected of them. This will not create a sense of obligation, but of maturity and participation. Sometimes you have to be tolerant of children so that they can feel that they have some degree of control over the situation, without letting them go too far.


These two important things, patience and tolerance, must be mastered and guided in their dealings with other people. A tolerant and patient society is an understanding and respectful society.

Please, thank you and I’m sorry

Please, thank you and I’m sorry are three statements that should become deeply ingrained in our children so that they can grow up to be polite and kind people.

They must learn to be grateful, that they get what they get because they deserve it, not because they are lucky or because things just happen. It will teach them that they can actually achieve anything if they are willing to put in the effort, and that they actually deserve what they receive.

Asking politely will set them apart from a lot of people in our society, people who prefer to turn to things like speed and obligation to meet their needs. A simple “please” completely changes the meaning of what they say.

If they know how to recognize and correct their mistakes, no matter the reason, they will always keep learning. Asking forgiveness will make them honorable and consistent when it comes to their actions.

Adhesion as the most important means

Creating healthy attachments is what makes the difference between one child and another. Children need a familiar warmth, a source of comfort and consistency. This gives them the safe environment in which to play and explore. They don’t have to be afraid of anything, because they can always count on the security of their family.

This kind of bonding is best accomplished when you carefully observe your children and when you keep your calm. For example, if your child falls and hurts his knee, don’t panic; keep calm and act like nothing is wrong. This will calm your child and ensure that the next time he falls, he will almost laugh himself.


Remember that a child’s fear will not go away by showering him with gifts, but by teaching him to trust others, to trust the world. If we teach our children that the world is full of danger, we shouldn’t be surprised if they turn into anxious and emotionally dependent adults at some point, especially when it comes to confronting obstacles.

conveying kindness

There are many studies that show how children are naturally inclined to help, share, and in short, behave socially and be friendly. This tendency can always be maintained, which will ensure that they will withstand the bad social habits that surround them.

To ensure that your children do not lose this natural tendency, it is important that you treat them as you would like them to treat others in the future, developing their sensitivity towards others and reducing bad behavior.

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