Five Unforgettable Sayings Of Isabel Allende

Five unforgettable quotes from Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende’s statements are full of passion and commitment, like her novels and herself. It is a legacy that is full of self-improvement, love and fierce resistance. The same goes for her beautiful characters, such as  Eva Luna  or those from  The House with the Ghosts. 

In addition to literature, Isabel Allende ‘s  personal work is equally remarkable. This renowned Chilean writer is a social activist and one of the most inspiring feminists in Latin America. Her charisma should also be indicated. As a teacher and journalist, she is part of those people with a very clear mind and heart. She has devoted her life to inspiring, guiding and educating others in the literary field.

Isabel was a journalist and a tireless storyteller. She was also always committed to making women’s voices heard and trying to draw attention to their exceptional psychological fabric. This is the basis of most of her works. We almost always read her books out of mere curiosity. After a few pages, however, we are moved by her genuine humanity. Humor, tragedy, fantasy and life itself are laid bare before us until it fully embraces us. Her books leave us not one, but dozens of lessons.

It never hurts to remember some of Isabel Allende’s statements. The ones that take us back to her books, where they in turn have a wonderful learning or tidbit to think about.

Book from which flowers grow

Sayings of Isabel Allende

From  Love and Shadow and  Paula  to  Eva Luna and  Fortuna’s Daughter … Isabel Allende  has published a large number of books. There are currently 65 million copies available translated into more than 30 languages.

Each of us has our favorites. But each of those books is valuable in its own way. Hard in essence and with extremely inspiring characters. They are always so human, so magical, but also so close…

Isabel Allende’s statements, which we will discuss below, are excerpts from her bibliography. They are small examples that invite us to more than one reflection.

1. Death is oblivion

Isabel Allende has dealt with death more than once. The loss of her daughter Paula was a very difficult moment for her. Saying goodbye isn’t easy for anyone. Having to distance ourselves from those we love is a test for which no one is prepared. And yet we have to do it… However, this is often accompanied by reluctance, anger and immense pain.

But  beyond the pain itself, we still have a short breath, a light to keep that loved one alive: our memory. That vital impulse is what will connect us to someone who is no longer there. So that he can stay in the other half of our hearts every day. So that it hurts a little less with each breath. After all, we always have the opportunity to resuscitate our loved ones with our imaginations and memories.

Girl looking out over the sea

2. Inspiration and creativity

This is one of Isabel Allende’s most beautiful, and at the same time correct, quotes from the book The Japanese LoverIn this work we meet the young Alma Velasco and the Japanese gardener Ichimei. They are two very well profiled characters that allow us to immerse ourselves in an interesting story in a very specific social moment.

Ichimei takes us to his office as a gardener and teaches us more about his culture. The relaxed and balanced art of gardening creates inspiration and  creativity , where movement and calm always go hand in hand.

3. Happiness is daring

To live, and to do it with intensity, one must not let the days pass. It’s like letting the pages of a book go by without reading between the lines what the story tells us. To live is to feel, dare, skip diets, taste, run in the rain without fear of getting wet, love without fear of losing, and live without fear that everything ends tomorrow. What should ultimately give us fear is not to have lived.

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4. Our Demons

This is one of Isabel Allende’s most remarkable and inspiring quotes. How can we deny it? We all have more than one demon lurking in a corner. That affects our desires, our dreams and our goals.  It is those still immature areas of our being that need to be vented, healed and repaired. Far from leaving this presence to their own devices, we must be able to deal with them face to face in order to realize ourselves as human beings.

5. Take responsibility for your emotions

Sooner or later you come to the simple but emphatic conclusion that life is not fair.

Life is often  fickle and unforgiving. In later life, it gives us a period of perfect perfection to take away that part of our being that gave us meaning. In a scenario where many circumstances are beyond our control, we can only take responsibility for what we are and what we feel.

The way we face each of those black holes will determine the quality of our lives. Emotional responsibility is the key to balance and well-being in a reality that is almost always complex.

Finally, it is clear that Isabel Allende has many more statements that should be in this list. We all have our favorites, which we sometimes write down in the margins of our diaries or notebooks. However, the examples presented here  are a small part of that humanity, psychology and emotional delicacy that characterize this unforgettable writer. 

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