Five Beautiful Quotes From Charles Bukowski

Five beautiful quotes from Charles Bukowski

In Charles Bukowski’s quotes you will be able to see a poet who was tormented by the lack of meaning, authentic values ​​and honesty in today’s society. He used his words to reject and denounce the world we live in.

Some of Charles Bukowski’s quotes are controversial. This German writer who also became an American citizen was very critical. He loved to expose the contradictions of modern society. He did the same with the hypocrisy and lack of meaning in society.

Bukowski is considered one of the greatest representatives of raw realism. This movement aims to reflect the most decadent things in society. It emerged as a response to the disillusionment and lack of meaning that characterized life after the horrors of World War II.

His quotes are an amalgamation of indictment and lyricism. He spoke of human selfishness, social cruelty and political hypocrisy. Bukowski did not believe in ideals or utopias. On the contrary, he openly claimed that he was a pessimist and had no faith in the future. Yet his work is incredibly moving. These are some of his best quotes

Quotes from Charles Bukowski

1. The Intellectual and the Artist

Some of Charles Bukowski’s quotes are funny. For example, in this quote, he plays with words to convey an elegant message with sarcasm.

It is clear that by comparing the intellectual with the artist, he also contrasts reason and sensitivity. He therefore argues that an artist has more wisdom.

The Intellectual and the Artist

2. Society

This is yet another quote from Charles Bukowski that perfectly reflects his thoughts. A critic of North American society, he never stopped pointing out the flaws of this society. He also often talked about the great contradictions in American society.

In this quote, he exposed the contradiction in the fact that society was not actually shaped by the actions of its members, but rather by their lack of actions. And he felt that he himself was one of those who do things for want of better.

3. Intelligent people

This quote became very popular. With this statement, Bukowski emphasized the fact that genuine intelligence prevents certainty. Anyone who looks beyond the apparent has doubts about what is real and about how far reality reaches and what its consequences are.

Those who do not think, on the other hand, do not look or do not want to see. They easily attach themselves to small absolute truths. They are sure of many things. So they don’t question or test them. That’s what makes them “dumb” and filled with confidence at the same time.

Intelligent people

4. Dying to really live

This statement reflects Charles Bukowski’s poetic and sensitive side. This is also one of the few hopeful quotes from Bukowski. It sounds pessimistic. Still, it ends on an optimistic note.

This quote is about life as something that challenges straightforwardness. You are born and you die several times. To really live we have to go through the cycle several times. It means we have to end something in order to be born again. This is the only way to really live.

5. What really matters

In this quote , Charles Bukowski showed his didactic side and his hidden goodness. In this case, fire refers to what harms, destroys, or attacks our integrity.

So walking through fire means having the ability to keep moving forward amid the destructive forces that afflict human beings. According to him, that’s the most important thing: going through those paths of fire without burning yourself.

Charles Bukowski left us controversial and bold quotes that perfectly reflect a corrupt society.

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