Family Constellation Therapy: How Does It Work?

Family Constellation Therapy: How Does It Work?

Family constellation therapy is a new therapeutic approach that aims to understand behavior within families. This therapy allows you to see and analyze how you have been shaped by your relationships with the people closest to you, your family.

It is a fact that your personality, the way you look at life and the way you live from day to day depend on what you learned during your childhood. Often we don’t understand why we have certain problems or why we can’t change some of our ideas about business. Family constellation therapy can help you understand where all this is coming from  and give you the tools you need to change.

Family constellation therapy has been proven effective and is becoming increasingly popular. Here we will share the basics with you so that you can better understand this therapy and judge whether you need this therapy or not.


The benefits of family constellation therapy

Family constellation therapy receives a lot of support within emotional therapy. It is not difficult to understand if you consider the following benefits:

  • It makes you understand problems from the root. Many therapies focus on the search for a solution. In family constellation therapy, you start from the foundations of your life and possibly your problems: your family. It makes you understand how the negative patterns affect you and gives you solutions to change in an effective way.
  • It is a therapy that requires less time investment. The majority of psychological therapies require months or years to deal with the situation that is bothering you. With family constellation therapy, this time can be drastically reduced, as understanding the basic problem is easier.
  • You can solve emotional problems. Depression? Aggression? Toxic relationships? No matter what problem you have, you can change it with family constellation therapy. This is due to the fact that all emotional problems arise from systematic suffering. If you understand the origin, you can solve the problem by facing it or confronting it.
  • It improves the relationship with your family members. Family constellation therapy helps you show what is wrong with your family and help you improve it. Sometimes you simply cannot change the acquired patterns, but you can change the way you behave. This therapy lets you heal your wounds and forgive toxic people you just can’t get rid of.

What are the effects of family constellation therapy?

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of family constellation therapy and they certainly look interesting. But it goes even further than that, because  the therapy affects not only your past, but also your present.

  • It will improve the bond with your family. You may think that discovering the negative effects your family is having on you would make you want to run really fast, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Discovering the causes behind your behavior can help you see it in a different light. The things that seemed impossible to accept and forgive are now seen in a very different perspective. This improves the relationships you have with your family members.
  • A major change that is taking place within everyone who participates in family constellation therapy. Can you imagine a therapy where the whole family can heal at the same time? While there are other alternatives, family constellation therapy brings out secrets and emotions in a way that is not possible with other therapies. You will be even better able to understand the family members who are not participating in the therapy and it is just as helpful for the youngest family members.
  • It lets you build a solid foundation for future generations. You may now think that because they are small, it doesn’t matter what happens, but you must remember that if you started this therapy, it is because your own childhood suffered from something.
Family Watching Stars

Enjoy the benefits of family constellation therapy

I know that talking about your problems is hard enough and it’s even harder to do it in front of your whole family so that each family member can take his or her own responsibility, but doing this is the first step to developing acquaintances who live under the same roof to a true family that supports each other.

Have you ever participated in  family constellation therapy ? What did you think? Would you ever do it?

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